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Mouse gestures and context menu problem

  • The problem:
    When I hold down the right mouse button. The context menu opens.
    Blocking mouse gestures if I move the mouse over it.

    I can still use mouse gestures, to an extent. As long as it does not move over the context menu. Which is sorta hard to do.

    What should happen:
    When I hold down the right mouse button, the gestures circle should show up. Or if I hold and release, then the context menu should show up.

    This is the way it's been for years, up until yesterday.

    What I have tried so far:

    • Restarting.
    • Disabling all my extensions, then restarted.
    • Disable then mouse gestures option, then restarted.
    • And enabled again, and then restarted again.
    • Googling, I didn't find anything relevant to my situation.
    • Tried looking on the forums here if anyone else had the same issue. Again, didn't find anything relevant.

    Version: 52.0.2871.64 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Windows 10 64-bit

    Any help would be greatly appreciated on this.
    And if there is any more info I could provide, then I'll do my best to supply.

    Thank you!

  • @norway174 Did you try checking your mouse buttons settings?

    And I may be wrong but I guess the gestures circle no longer exist since a while. You simply press and hold the right button and do the gesture.

  • @leocg I didn't consider that. As it's still working as in intended for other apps/on the desktop.
    The context menu only shows when I release the right mouse button. Like normal.

    But I checked the settings, just in case. And I didn't find any option related to when the context menu should show on a right click.

    So I tested it to make sure, again. And now something else is happening. When I right click, and hold. The context menu appears, then goes away. Then when I release the right mouse button, it shows up. Like normal.

    So it appears this may not have been the correct place to post for help.

    So now it's back to the first way again. I really don't know what's happening here. It was also fine for a second. Even in Opera. I could use mouse gestures like before. But now it's back with the context menu again.
    And it's fine in other apps, and on the desktop.

  • @norway174 Did you try un-installing and re-installing your mouse drivers?

    Does the problem happens with a clean Opera profile?

  • @leocg So, I googled some more.
    And I found a tip I should probably have done from the beginning.

    Which is to try another mouse, and I did.

    I probably should have done that before I started re-installing my mouse drivers. xD

    Anyway, it is an old mouse. Served me well for years.
    So it's probably time to get a new one anyway.

    Strange it only happens in Opera, but it's probably only going to get worse. 😕

    Thanks for your help at least!