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Open tabs not syncing between desktops

  • Hi, I work with 2 different desktops and with the sync tool, I figured I could sync the open tabs.

    • Both Windows 10, with same version of Opera
    • Both "Sync open tabs" activated (also, sync settings)

    Desktop 1, I have a bunch of open tabs. Desktop 2, no open tabs,.
    To my understanding, I should be able to open Opera on desktop 2 and have my tabs open and ready, as they are on desktop 1. That's after all what sync means.
    I'm trying for an hour now and getting really frustrated. Tried everything, open/closed different orders a hundred times, reset synchronization, ....
    When I click "Reset synchronization" I get to a profile website, which shows me my open tabs. It shows me for each device. But I want the same tabs for all devices!
    Can Opera not do that?

  • @zagawunga Your tabs will not be automatically opened in the other computer but you should be able to access them using the tabs menu or the tabs page.

  • Actually, tabs have not been syncing from android to desktop either. They'll sync to android from pc but not the other way around. The only thing I can do to get them to show up on the tabs menu on the pc sidebar is to sign out then sign back in on pc. I've also noticed that the little person icon at the top right does not disappear like it usually does after signing back in and finished syncing. 0_1523237108389_account icon.jpg Apparently sync is yet again on the fritz.

  • @slytheringirl [edit] Ok syncing from android to desktop is working again (for now) after shutting down Opera on both pc and android and reopening them. it may take a minute or two, but it does work. I also checked the sync internals and there were no errors that I could see. I don't trust it to keep working though due to Opera's recent track record.

  • Thank you all for your feedback. I understood "syncing" in another way than Opera does

  • @slytheringirl

    I typically open tabs on android as I read, then want to spend more time with the content on the PC as a more comfortable space for reading.

    I have the same problem with tabs as you mention with android not syncing to pc, apart from the current tab - but works from PC to android. I have tried signing out and back in of one, the other and both but this does not resolve. (I have also noticed that the person icon does not appear).

    Thanks for any further advice on how to get it to work or any insights on whether this is a general fail...

  • @mwrivs You can try going here - opera://activity. That will bring up the tabs page even if Tabs doesn't show up on the side bar. Any open tabs from android should show up there. However, the catch is that you can not close them because they'll be deleted from that page once you do.