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  • I did search and I do know this kind of common question annoys, but:

    I have version 12.14 (not giving it up yet) and I would like to try version 21 without corrupting 12.14 profile and without importing ANYTHING from 12.14. Anything special to do????


    [Thread closed as a duplicate of How do I install a clean version of new Opera?]

  • Type the following in the url address bar and find where your profile folder is opera:about

    You'll need to copy your bookmarks, wand data etc to a new profile folder that will be created when you do the following.
    (just copy the entire folder - that's what I did)

    Find this file in Opera 12.14 program folder - operaprefs_default.ini

    add these lines:

    Multi User=0 ; If enabled Opera will use Windows profiles to store individual user settings

    Do this with Opera closed then open Opera 12.14 and a new profile will be created in the program folder of Opera. Copy your profile contents from your old profile folder to the new one and when you open up Opera you should have all your bookmarks and settings. Then when you install new Opera 20 or whatever... just make sure to chose a new install folder.

    I still have 12.16 installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Opera

    and Opera 20 something installed at c:\Opera

    Hope these instructions aren't to confusing.

  • Just set yourself up a 'Stand alone - USB' version of Opera 21, which will be a self contained version of Opera, with all it's settings and your new profile saved inside the programs folder.

    How to set-up a 'Stand-alone USB' version of Opera.

    Double click the installer to run it. When the main installer window/dialogue/interface appears, look to the bottom left of said window/dialogue/interface and there should be an 'Options' button. Click said 'Options' button and a different window/dialogue/interface will appear.

    In this window/dialogue/interface you have four main options:


    Install for

    Install path


    Choose your language, then change the 'Install for' option to 'Stand alone - USB', then change the 'Install path' option to anywhere you like (USB memory stick, SD card, external hard drive, a folder somewhere on your hard drive), as long as you have write permissions to it, Select the 'Shortcuts' you require (if any), then click 'Accept and install'. Leave it to do it's stuff, then job done.

  • When installing Opera 21 change the location folder to "Opera Blink" or "Opera 2x" or any "Opera Something" that you want. And if you are asked about importing your Opera 12.14 settings, say no.

  • Thanks all. I played around with different ways; hard to mess anything up. I must say the USB install put on the HD is the way to try out a new version. Think I'll be keeping 12.14 for some time. Opera even took away the ability to tile tabs, an Opera feature I have long enjoyed.