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Desktop icons flickering when loading Opera

  • Desktop icons flickering when loading Opera 52 on Windows 10 Home. Is the Auto Update causing this?

  • @toadstew2016 Probably not.

  • Ok.Must be the latest Opera update. I will try a reinstall of Opera.

  • having the same issue after updating to 52.0.2871.30

  • @toadstew2016 if ya don't mind me ask 'n.. what version is the Windows 10 Home - Is computer desktop, laptop, tablet - what type of video card - and is it a Hp, acer, dell, ect - how much memory is installed.. have ya done a re-install of the OS recently..

    what version of opera is installed ?..

  • This forum software is ****! Just had to log on about 5 times to log on. Anyway....

    I have noticed same thing (flickering icons) since change from Opera 51 to Opera 52 (now on 52.0.2871.40) on Toshiba Win 8, 64 Bit machine.

    I say "flickering", what I mean is that when I now start Opera all the icons first blank out, then restore one by one as Opera gets going.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem on a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop running Windows 8.1 (Version 6.3.9600). On my laptop, Opera is at version 52.0.2871.40 (the current version as of this post). Opera has been acting this way for a few revisions. I don't recall, however, the exact revision in which this started or if version 51.x was doing the same thing.

  • @toadstew2016 Did the reinstall resolve the problem?

  • Sorry for the late reply. Reinstall did not help. I am using Windows 10 Home with 8 gbs of ram with Intel graphics on Toshiba Satelite. Graphics driver is stock due to it being a custom driver for this model.

  • Is the graphics card driver up to date? Any difference if hardware acceleration is disabled?

  • Drivers are up to date. Disabling hardware acceleration did not work. Seeing others having the same issue leads me to believe its a bug.

  • @toadstew2016 even tho your Intel graphics is custom driver
    have a look @ burnout426 post here

    lottsa of times intel drivers from their website is better..

  • does n e one with this problem & icons refreshing have this software installed - IDT Audio software

    if ya do not.. no need to answer..

  • Interesting. I'm running Win7. Since the last update (or the second last), I also get a complete desktop icon refresh also.

    It does NOT happen every time.

  • Just some generic steps to follow..
    Make sure you are running the latest updates and patches from Microsoft. check it..

    If not resolved, try deleting the graphics drivers and let them re-install. Then perform an automatic update. Then check again.

    If not resolved, backup your %appdata% Roaming files and then delete them and see if it happens with a clean copy. You can even uninstall opera and re-install. But make sure the %appdata% folders in Local and Roaming are gone before installing again.

  • I seem to have stumbled upon a very simple solution to this, at least on my Win 8, 64 Bit Toshiba notebook.

    I always start up Opera via a long established Icon on my PC's Task Bar. Today I found a new 'Opera browser' shortcut on my PC in the folder: User/AppData/Local/Temp
    It doesn't seem to have special parameters or anything but, when I started Opera up via this shortcut, no flickering!

    I unpinned the old Opera Icon from the Task bar and pinned a new Opera Icon for the program. Now, whenever I start Opera from the Task Bar, it starts normally with no flickering icons. I do not know the details of the old startup icon.

  • @xpvb48 I try run with admin the desktop icon and no flickering. When I try to run Opera shortcut in this folder (User/AppData/Local/Temp) its flickring.

  • I have the same problem after updating to Opera 52... All desktop icons blank themselves and reload, just like after an Opera update.
    I tried on both my desktop and my laptop running Windows 10 1709.
    Maybe it is related to the autoupdater of something, but I cannot narrow it down. Hope it will be fixed though.

  • Just upgraded from .64 to .99 and still working OK from icon on taskbar. No flickering.

  • Got same icon problems after i upgraded from Opera 51 to Opera 52. Problems with refreshing desktop icon cache when starting Opera are not caused by hardware or OS on our machines. "Only" Opera is causing this. No other software. "Every" other application, browser, game, media... everything starts without refreshing icons on desktop. Only starting Opera makes desktop icons goes blank then restoring them when Opera loads.
    Please do not advice customers to upgrade their windows or drivers. If Opera needs some kind of special hardware or software configuration to work properly, than you need to point at it at your official pages, so customers do not download browser if their machines are not matching them. Thank you for understanding.