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  • In the latest version of opera - 52.0.2871.3
    closing an open tab using mouse has changed to alt+click instead of shift+click
    i have multiple tabs open and the cross button only shows on active tab
    i used to close the unactive tab using the shift+click, is there any way to change it back to shift+click ? or will i be stuck with opera 51 for foreseeable future ?
    i know that shift+click is now used to select tabs, can the use of shift and alt be interchanged ? i dont see any option in keyboard shortcuts

  • Disable opera://flags/#multiple-tab-selection and shift + click should work again.

  • @burnout426 That Worked!
    Thankyou very MUCH!

  • With the new opera update, the feature to shift+click is gone again and now i cant find the flag either
    Any help ?

  • @rak282 The flag was removed. See You can no longer disable multiple tab selection. You have to use alt + click to close a tab.

  • Hello, I have another problem connecting to your topic. You're saying this new updated version of Opera is using alt + Click to close a tab. Now, that is my problem, how do I disable that? I have a weird way of using browsers, like for example, I use two browsers: Chrome and Opera. Now, I always use alt + tab to switch browsers. But then, I always accidentally click a specific tab in Opera while still pressing the alt button.. I always do that.. So, how do i get rid of it? Disabling it will totally fix my problem. Thanks in advance..

  • @lyndonbroz said in closing tab using shift+click:

    So, how do i get rid of it?

    You can't. When Opera added multiple tab selecting, it took over shift + click and ctrl + click for selected tabs. They never provided an option to configure the modifier keys. All they had was an experimental flag to disable multiple tab selection, which would also turn off the overriding of the modifier keys. Unfortunately, Opera took that flag away from us and never promoted the flag to an actual setting. So, we're SOL.

  • im still very sad they didnt bring back the feature
    my workaround - i never updated after 55.0.2994.61 which is the last version i have find this to have worked
    plus apparently the latest 60 opera has too many bugs
    until i get back my shift + left click to close tabs, i cant upgrade forward
    sadly chrome never had it either

  • @rak282
    Lol I wish I had your kind of problems. I know we perceive the seriousness of our trouble/inconveniences subjectively, but in this case you have plenty of other options which may seem to be slightly less convenient for you but still work completely in the same way - if you can't use shift+LMB to close a tab, is it really that difficult to move the mouse a few pixels to press the "X"?🤡 Or press MMB? Or press Ctrl+W?

  • @incomingbrowserchange
    it may seem like a very easy to find alternative kind of problem for you,
    but people change whole products due to slight inconveniences.
    also ctrl+w only works on current tab, and moving mouse to X when u have 30+ tabs usually has a high chance of slightly off-clicking opening different tab.
    all i want is feature to be able to change the alt key function to shift, like your keyboard shortcuts, but nah, nothing since they changed it in feb last year.
    i hope you dont face my kind of problems. happy browsing.

  • Come to think of it I may have sounded a bit dismissive in my post as I have never used this Shift+LMB shortcut, so wasn't even aware it was definitely removed in that 55.x version (and on top of that you had to use a specific flag to make it work after the 52.x patch). Ignorance is bliss as always. And I too wouldn't want my problems on my worst enemy.
    So how does the shortcut work, you can press Shift+LMB anywhere on the tab to close it or even multiple tabs at once?
    Have a nice life. Buenas noches!

  • @incomingbrowserchange
    its alright. i never saw u as an enemy. i just ranted because they changed something i love to use, to a half working multi-tab selection which last i checked only worked to select tabs which are consecutive, doesnt work on spread out tabs, without giving an option if we want to use it or not.
    and how shift+click works is u click on tab(i prefer the top pixel, just above the icon of tab) while pressing shift, and it will close. keep pressing shift and click on whichever tab u want to close, and they will close without u having to open them again or miss clicking a different tab.

  • Middle-click closes the tab ... I never used Shift-click.