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  • Hi all!
    For the last few days whenever I click on a tab to view it, it keeps closing instead, which is getting annoying as I have to go into the history each time to recover them.
    Is anyone else having this problem and if so how did you fix it?
    Thanks in advance

  • 21 days later and I'm still having this problem. As much as I love Opera, if it doesn't get fixed soon I may have to change browsers. 😞

  • @tjrjn Did you check your mouse settings? Usually middle clicking on a tab should close it, but left clicking or right clicking.

  • @leocg Hi, thanks for the input. I've checked my mouse settings but it seems fine. I have no issues like this with any other browser. Admittedly I have a few tabs up because I do a lot of research but the problem is fairly new yet my multiple tab count isn't.

  • @tjrjn thats weird !.. if ya don't mind me ask n.. what version of - opera is it -
    which version of windows or is it mac - linux.. did you disable all extensions..

    sounds like ya may need to do a re-install..

  • Does your Alt key stick? Testing keys, Alt-click closes the clicked tab.

  • @nvmjustagirl It's Version: 52.0.2871.40 Windows 10 64-bit I'll try disabling my extensions and see how that goes for a day or so. Thanks for the advice.

  • @tjrjn you are most welcome..

    to me i'd say mouse is work 'n ok - ya already ruled out n e stuck keys and jammed mouse wheel since ya said it doesn't happened with other browsers..

    so no virus stuff either my guess..

    if it is not extensions.. What is do 'n this ! ?.. *i give up lol

    does it happen if ya start opera in private mode..

    ya might need to create a new profile