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Why is Opera beta 64bit a 32bit operation?

  • Hi,

    as mentioned in my title I want to know why my Opera beta client, who should be 64bit, none is. I viewed the installation directory and detected that its located in x86. Additionally I looked in my task manager and it shows up my opera is a 32bit version.
    So I downloaded again the beta 64bit client and checked the options for installing. The installation path is located to x86. Maybe I'm stupid but there is something wrong.
    For testing I downloaded the 64bit final version that is actually 51 and looked again in the options for the installation. There it shows up the right path for programs that is supposed to be 64bit.

    So either there was a mistake in the opera beta client or it's not really a beta 64bit version available.

  • A 64-bit program can be installed in the x86 folder; that in itself is not wrong. If you're sure you downloaded the 64-bit installer then go ahead and run it - or if you really want you can also click on Options and change it to the regular C:\Program Files directory.

  • @balduin01 umm jut to be clear.. open task manager - click details tab - rigt click and choose select columns - scroll down and check box for platform..

    this will tell ya if 32 or 64 while Opera is run 'n..

  • It is easy enough to tell from the About Opera page - it says it under Browser identification.

  • @sgunhouse yip but thats a lil too damn eazy *lol..

  • In "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Opera Software" for the user that ran the installer last, you'll find "Last Stable Install Path", "Last developer Install Path" and "Last beta Install Path". When you launch the beta installer, it defaults to the path the last beta install path was (if present). If you previously installed the 32-bit version (on accident in your case) to "C:\program files (x86)\Opera beta", that's what the beta installer will default to, even if it's the 64-bit installer.

    If upgrading a 32-bit version with 64-bit and you don't explicitly change the install path, it'll upgrade the 32-bit in place instead of deleting the 32-bit files and installing the 64-bit files to "C:\Program Files\Opera beta". Although this is annoying for some of us, it'll work just fine.

    To avoid all that, always explicitly download the 64-bit installers on the right side of and always click "options" in the installer to set the "install path" to the correct path.

    You can also download from:

    and pick the x64 setup file.

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