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Opera Crashing on New Tab function...

  • Greetings,

    The latest version of Opera for Mac... 51.0.2830.55 is crashing on New Tab function.

    Specifically, when one tries to open a new tab, either by pressing + icon or by right clicking (with magic mouse) on the title bar and selecting new tab more often than not the browser will close and reopen, displaying Opera crashed message on rare occasions.

    I have conducted some additional testing, such as navigating between locations within the same tab, locations such as a website, Settings page, About page and so on, the transition is fine within the same tab but the moment I try to do the same via new tab crashing starts to happen in around two out of three attempts (66% failure).

    I have cleared the history, restarted the browser, restarted the Mac, tested the browser as a single running application, ensured that no extensions are active (there were none to begin with) and even re-installed (something I thought I would have to do on Windows PC only) from full DMG download of the same version. Problem persists.

    Opera is my main browser and until few hours ago (Western Australia time) it was working fine and without any problems what so ever until I updated to the latest version listed above (via About page). So it goes without saying that this is a disappointing situation...

    OS: MacOS Sierra v10.12.6 (no outstanding updates),
    Hardware: MacBook pro (13 inch, 2017, no touch bar version),

    Kind Regards

  • @ebon-hawk
    The other day I moved to Opera from the now discontinued Epic Browser since Opera seemed to be a good alternative. And guess what. At the exact moment I was done with transferring all my bookmarks an arranging them for the new environment, 51.0.2830.55 happened. And now the whole world is crashing.
    When trying to register here I also noticed reCAPTCHA does not work.
    Now I'm moving back.

  • Same problem here.

  • @ebon-hawk
    Same. It works only slightly better if I choose "open in new window" instead of "open in new tab".
    I'm really not happy with this new version and wish I could get the previous one back. 👎🏻

  • Same here , after last update when i'm trying to open new tab (cmd + T or mouse wheel ) opera restaring . This is intolerable .

    Macbook Pro ( 15 ' Late 2013 )
    Mac OS Siera 10.12.6 .

  • @loa6
    I had the same problem and it kept crashing down randomly upon opening a new tab.
    Only solution I've found is installing previous version of Opera (Opera 51.0.2830.40) and blocking auto update using my firewall.

  • Yes, I'm facing it too.

  • I am seeing this problem as well. At first, cmd+T seemed to be impacted greater than clicking the '+' tab button, but sometimes the problem disappears temporarily (intermittent).

  • Yes, am seeing this problem too. Hasn't been happening for very long but it's already very annoying! Thanks to those who have posted more details on the circumstances when it happens (intermittently).

  • Same here too.
    It also happened to me while trying to open several bookmarks all at once, from the Bookmarks page.
    Tried un-installing and re-installing the app from scratch, but once the latest update pops up, the issue returns. Seems to have to do with multi-tabs.
    MacBook Air 13'' late 2015
    High Sierra 10.13.3

  • +1 😞

  • Just found this on another forum about Opera's crashes, I hope this helps. I'll keep you informed on the effects on my browser:

    1. Launch Opera and open its hidden secret advanced configuration page using opera://flags command in address bar.

    2. Now click inside "Search experiments" text box and type 'throttling'. It'll show the following two options in the results:

    Background tab throttling Mac, Windows, Linux
    Throttle timers in background tabs. #background-tab-throttling

    Throttle expensive background timers Mac, Windows, Linux
    Enables intervention to limit CPU usage of background timers to 1%. #expensive-background-timer-throttling

    1. To disable background tabs throttling feature, select 'Disabled' from the drop-down box of both options.
    2. Opera will show you a message "Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Opera" along with a button to relaunch Opera. Click on the "Relaunch Now" button to restart Opera web browser.
  • Same problem here. Opera has always been stable until this latest iteration.
    Version: 51.0.2830.55 - Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Mac OS X 10.13.3 64-bit

  • @enasanderone So did it work for you?

  • @stevencee I'm leery of 'experimental' fixes. I'd like Opera to issue a stable, fixed version of the browser.

  • Hi,

    this crash was already examined and it's being investigated at the moment.

  • @stevencee said in Opera Crashing on New Tab function...:

    @enasanderone So did it work for you?

    I thought it did until a few minutes ago, when the issue returned. 😡

  • @misterarthur said in Opera Crashing on New Tab function...:

    @stevencee I'm leery of 'experimental' fixes. I'd like Opera to issue a stable, fixed version of the browser.

    Yep, that only seemed to be a workaround, while the guys come up with something stable. ☹

  • Thanks for all your reports, a fix was released today: