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Bookmarks have moved to 'other bookmarks'

  • How can I get at my bookmarks by clicking the heart symbol without going to 'other bookmarks'

  • @opejw1 Move them to 'bookmarks bar'.

  • @leocg what if "bookmarks bar" already used for its main purpose?

  • @greemanik And such purpose would be defined at....?

    When you click on the heart icon at the sidebar, it will always open at the 'bookmarks bar' folder, so if want to see your bookmarks as soon as you click on the icon, you need to store them there at 'Bookmarks bar'.

  • @leocg my bookmarks bar is already physically full (a lot of bookmarks in folders which are permanent, meanining i'm not deleting them in a nearest future). For temporary bookmarks i'm using bookmarks manager (meaning i'll delete that bookmarks when i don't need them - videos, articles etc.), and that was default for years in Opera. So what is the reason for me to put every single bookmark in the bookmarks bar and turn it in a complete mess. Where is the logic? Hope developers will fix that issue.

    p.s.: when opera changed engine to chromium (or blink, not the main point) there was new feature called "Stash" which then was transformed into "Bookmarks" with different folders and good flexibility. Now you suggest to move all bookmarks to bookmarks bar, this is ridiculous...

  • @greemanik If it depended on me, bookmarks would already have been removed from all browsers. 😀

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