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Renumbering accounts, can that be done?

  • I am just curious... Can we edit the accounts.ini in Opera Mail / Opera mail client built into 12.16

    Because right now it has all of my accounts numbered with some pretty odd numbering...

    It's like got them listed as ACCOUNT'S 1,2,5,6

    There's 3 email accounts inside Opera...

    1 is my domain
    2 is listed as an MSN account ( I use to get notifications for my domain )
    5 being an RSS feed ( but it doesn't say to what ) Could be my GMAIL RSS feed of my spam folder or the RSS to my domain's spam folder.
    and 6 is a very old AOL address I keep around just because my aunt refuses to email me anywhere else.

    So where's account's 3 and 4?

    I also found out, you cant delete the accounts out out of Opera / Opera mail because it takes the emails sent to those accounts with it I noticed.. Or maybe its just the emails in those inboxes thats not tagged?

    -- CM

  • If you delete an account, you delete its messages. Remember, Opera Mail does not copy messages - there is only ever one copy of a message (well, unless someone actually sent it to you twice). You can certainly remove the logins for the servers on an account that you no longer use, but if you want to keep the messages they must be in an account.

    All newsfeeds are actually only one account. Likewise Usenet-style newsgroups (if you use it) is another (and only one per server) account, no matter how many actual groups you read on that server.

    There have been a few times they redid the mail engine - if you had a couple of accounts for a long time they may have had their numbers changed at that time.

    Changing actual account numbers is one of the few things I've never done. I'm sure it is possible, but can't guarantee how hard it is. The numbers in accounts.ini have to match up with the folder names in the storage folder, with the signature files (if you use a signature) and other parameter files (the account for newsfeeds has a file that lists the feed URLs of course) and so on - you may see a bunch of different files ending in one or the other of the account numbers.

    Also keep in mind, changing the account numbers will do nothing to the order they are shown in the sidebar - that is handled in index.ini (and that one I have done before).

  • Don't worry about the index number for an account in accounts.ini. They don't have to be consecutive numbers or anything. You'll see that under the [Accounts] section that they'll still be in orders as account1=1, account2=7, account3=45 for example. There's also a "Count" value that shows how many accounts there are.

    The number for the next index that's created when you create an account is 'Next Available Id' under [Accounts]. When you create an account, that number gets incremented. But, it doesn't get decremented when you delete an account. In short, once an index number is used, it shouldn't be used again.

    Also, you shouldn't change the index number for an account, even if you adjust things under the [Accounts] section to match. It'll have an effect of creating a new account and won't migrate the existing account. There's too much stuff in other files like the database and indexer that Opera doesn't automatically update when you mess with accounts.ini outside of Opera's UI. Also, as mentioned, folder paths aren't updated either.

    I also wouldn't delete an account manually by editing accounts.ini. There's no guarantee that everything gets cleaned up in Opera's database and indexer.

    Now, if you delete an account via the UI, close Opera and edit accounts.ini to change the next available id to use an empty slot (2 for example) and then start Opera and create an account, you might get lucky and be able to reorder things that way. But, I wouldn't chance it. Since deleting accounts wipes messages anyway, it'd be better to just delete the whole mail folder and add the accounts back in the order you want.

    In short, you can't really do what you want. But, I wouldn't worry about it anyway. Opera has a method to how it handles numbers.

  • @sgunhouse Thats crazy about deleting accounts... That if I was to delete an account i'd loose everything even if its been moved out of the inbox and stored away under a tag.

    I guess for the people that change providers, ( those that use their ISP accounts) you just have to go in and manually change the info, so your emails are not deleted. It's a good thing I use the KEEP ON MAIL SERVER UNTIL I DELETE IT option. That way old mail would be re downloaded to Opera.


  • @cwm030 said in Renumbering accounts, can that be done?:

    Thats crazy about deleting accounts... That if I was to delete an account i'd loose everything even if its been moved out of the inbox and stored away under a tag.

    Opera doesn't have an archive feature, but there is a workaround. Save/export the messages you want, delete the account, then use the "Menu -> settings -> import and export -> import mail -> import generic mbox" feature to import them into a local account.

    Also, messages from a local account or pop account can be dragged to the IMAP Inbox folder view for an IMAP account to upload them back to the server.

  • Renumbering accounts, can that be done?:

    Opera Mail does not copy messages - there is only ever one copy of a message

    To expand on this. Opera Mail is totally different. It doesn't support folders at all. Instead, Opera just keeps messages in one lump. To keep track of the messages, it uses a mail database. Then, to group messages, Opera has views, which are just results from a search on the database. Everything is basically a search result in Opera Mail. That's why if you delete a message in one view, it disappears from other views too. For labels though, you do have an explicit command to just remove a message from the view. In addition, each view has further controls to control what's shown and hidden in its search results.