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  • I am running opera 51, win 10. I am having issues to load a game from facebook (songpop), it is only on opera, with edge there is no problem. I'd like to hear any suggestion, i've tried uninstalling with both flash player and opera, but it doesnt work..

  • Does it say you have the current version of Flash on

    Under "Menu -> settings -> Websites -> Flash", what do you have Flash set to? Do you have anything in the exceptions list?

    Do you have an extensions enabled that might affect Facebook apps? Do you have Opera's adblocker enabled?

  • @burnout426 Yes, i have the latest version Versión I have facebook in the exceptions list. I dont have any extension that may affect facebook. Actually, I have opera adblocker, but I have tried to play taking it off, The thing is on my computer i can play on Edge, but opera is giving this problem lately, i dont know what else to do..

  • @lauming said in Problem with flash player:

    I have facebook in the exceptions list

    Does it work if you have Flash set to "Allow sites to run Flash" instead of the default? (You can clear the exception list if you use that setting).

  • I tested in Opera 51.0.2830.34 x64 on Windows 10 with PPAPI Flash with and it works fine. It works fine with Flash set to "ask first" and in the exceptions list and it works fine with "Allow sites to run Flash" and a clear exceptions list.

    Are you running Opera with Sandboxie?

    You could download Opera, launch the installer, click "options", set "install path" to a folder on your desktop, set "install for" to "standalone installation", install and test with that Opera. If it works there, then it's something with your original profile.

  • It doesnt work with any setting of Flash, I've tried the three options but nothing.
    I'm not running Opera with Sandboxie. I also tried the standalone installation, but it doesn´t work anyway. What do you mean but original profile?

  • @lauming said in Problem with flash player:

    What do you mean but original profile?

    The profile folder is were Opera stores all its settings (a user profile if you will). When you run a standalone installation, it uses it's own profile folder right in the installation folder. By "original", I meant "regular", as in, the profile that's set up with your regular installation of Opera (the non-standalone installation) that's located in the "profile" path mentioned in opera://about.

    Weird that it doesn't work despite all the things you've tried.

  • You can temporarily create a new user account in windows for testing. Log into it and launch Opera to see if Flash works there.

  • Thanks a lot @burnout426 for your help and explanation, I did what you told me again and also tried "reset browse setting" in the Opera setting and finally flash worked in facebook game. It continued appearing the prohibition sign until now, so, problem solved, thanks again 🙂