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Unable to play videos apart from Youtube web

  • Hi, despite the fact that opera having many cool functions such as adblock and video popout player. It sadly does not even play most videos on other sites apart from YouTube.

    I would like to seek for help from anyone who had manage to solve this problem..

    As to my understanding, this is based on chromium. However.. Chrome works flawlessly. Whereas for Opera.. well.. everything is good and cool except wanting to watch a video such as (

  • Same problem here!
    I used Opera 52 Dev and meet the issue, irritated i went back to stable Opera 50, everything worked fine till update to Opera 51. Now almost all videos are black again. Another example:

    I wanted to post a snapshot, but... this happend:
    0_1518118406303_2018-02-08 (3).png

    Waiting for hotfix!

  • @maginu2 I tried a couple of videos on that site and they played fine here.

    What is your OS? Did you try those steps as said on the instructions?

  • @aztek92 I couldn't find a video on that page.

    Same question for you, does it still happen after those steps?

  • @leocg
    Oh, sorry! I pasted wrong url, anyway - here is gallery of few films/gifs (probably webm format, not sure, cant check):
    (I dont know what's there, dont judge me!)

    I tried disabling all extansions, default adblocker is always disabled, i tried fresh install (look switching to stable version). Not gonna delete my stuff tho, escpecially now, when i know im not alone with that problem.

    Meanwhile i discovered that even not all youtube videos are working. Here's an example:
    Same - black screen, audio working fine in background.

    And to be more "official".
    Your OS (Linux, Mac, Windows)
    Windows 10 1709

    Your version of Opera
    Now Opera 51, stable channel. Meet issue before on Opera 52 Dev. Opera 50 stable worked fine till update.

    If the problem is with a page, a link to it
    Examples above.

    A screen-shot of the problem if it's related to something not showing as should

    Steps to (try to) reproduce the issue
    Simply using Opera.

  • @aztek92
    This link works great here -

    Opera Stable 51.0.2830.26


  • @aztek92 I checked a few GIfs/Videos on that page and they played fine here. The same is valid for the Youtube video.

    Does opera://gpu says that hardware acceleration is being used? Log at the bottom of the page shows any error?

  • I disabled hardware acceleration in settings - bingo, videos works fine like that. So it has to be somehow broken in last updates. Btw i also noticed that Opera's offline pages (like opera://settings or feed) works REALLY slow. Scrolling is taking some time - can be somehow connected?

    So, about logs. When hardware acceleration is on, there are some errors:
    Log Messages
    [10384:5224:0210/] : ContextResult::kFatalFailure: Failed to create surface.
    [10384:5224:0210/] : Error in on line 1615
    [10384:5224:0210/] : Error in on line 694
    [10384:5224:0210/] : HW video decode not available for profile vp9 profile0
    GpuProcessHostUIShim: The GPU process exited normally. Everything is okay.

    Maybe full log will help devs. I can't save page (oh irony the msg on the top of opera://gpu), so the best way is probably send is as a printable pdf.

  • @aztek92 There is no message on the top of opera:gpu

  • @leocg
    It's kinda offtop, but there is a note.
    Note: To properly save this page, select the "Webpage, Complete" option in the Save File dialog.
    The thing is you cannot save it.

    Btw. thats completely other issue, but i will take an opportunity and ask.
    Does the site work on your Opera? Other browsers work fine for me.

  • @aztek92 That message seems to be removed on 52.

  • @aztek92 The page loads here and I can click on the links.

  • @leocg That's yet another issue i'm struggling with Opera. For now that's the only site i noticed, that doesn't work for no particular reason.
    0_1518298576797_Opera Zdję
    Translation: Server didn't send any data

    You can spot a redirect plugin on screenshot few posts above, but it has nothing to do with it. On "clean" Opera i have same problem. Other browsers work fine.

    Sorry for spaming thread with problems other than video, i just have so many of them i don't see point in making new thread for each one.

  • @aztek92 The idea of creating separated topics for different problems not directly related to each other is to avoid turning the topic into something generalist, with several subjects being discussed on it and bringing confusion specially for those trying to help and also the ones looking for help.

  • @aztek92 Did you check anti-virus, firewall, something that could be interfering with data traffic?

  • @leocg Im on Win10, using MS Defender. It would make no sense MS to block their own website (also other browsers can open it). I didnt mess with firewall either.

    Anyway - there is still no official fix for video problem or really slow system tabs (settings, news feed), even on Dev version. Luckly i found solution, it can be downloaded here: