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opera monster leaves you with no ram memory

  • I am a lover of the opera but lately his excessive consumption of ram has me wrong and I would not like to change the browser I use it like 5 years ago I had never given myself that problem. Is there any help now?

    0_1515178289361_opera monster.png

  • You can try with this and this.

    Open up the Opera Task Manager "Shift+Esc" and try to find who is the eater.

    Windows 10 (x64) | Anniversary Update
    Opera Stable · Beta · Developer

    Opera Test profile | Opera Back up Linux · Mac · Win

  • do you have a lot of active extensions? if so, maybe try Nooboss

    This addon allows to set rules for extensions so that they will be enabled only when you opened certain websites.

  • @acidinmyfridge
    As per the Screenshot it looks that just a Translation extension is installed.

    If previous hints are not enough, try cleaning the browser's cache and with a Clean profile:

    • F1 > Find solutions
      | And rename - not delete - the folder.

    Weeks ago installed that extension - known from VForums - but didn't tested yet, are you happier than with SimpleExtManager?.

  • @zalex108 Currently i am using both so i can compare them. NooBoss, like i said, offers a so called auto state function, which allows to set rules for extensions so that they will be enabled automatically only when you opened certain websites. For exactly that reason i use NooBoss since I use quite a few extensions,
    SimpleExt does not have this exact option. Here i still have to enable/disable manually, whereas NooBoss does that by itself.


  • I'll check it.


  • @zalex108
    Thanks for the info on Opera Task Manager "Shift+Esc"
    My PC bogs down pretty often & Windows Task Manager sometimes shows that Opera memory is high on the list, but I didn't know how to find the offending page.

    More important (for me), my entire PC starts creeping along, eventually just above a freeze. Win Task Manager shows Opera using 100% Disk. It usually starts after Opera has been up for 2 hours or more.
    I tried:

    • Clearing Opera cache
    • Uninstalling all extensions (only had one)
    • Exiting/Restarting Opera
    • Doing uninstall/reinstall
    • Added USB thumb drive set up with ReadyBoost

    The behavior started sometime last fall (2016). The only way I can free it up is to reboot the PC.

    I think Windows TM %Disk field is the same as virtual memory, but haven't been able to find much info & am not sure. Haven't found a particular Opera page causing the problem. Just now looked at the Opera Task Manager. There are several fields that can be added. Which one would indicate the %Disk shown in Windows Task Manager? Any other suggestions?

  • @aimzz

    Do you start Opera with many tabs opened?

  • @zalex108
    I used to but cut down to around 3-4 to see if it made a difference. It takes longer for %Disk to go up, but it eventually does. I used to have around 4 tabs pinned plus others open, but unpinned all except gmail.

    I just saw that Opera TM shows gmail using a lot of memory, but hi memory use in Win TM doesn't necessarily correlate with hi %Disk. Anyway, am about to unpin gmail to see if it helps.

    So I start Opera with around 4 tabs open (+/-) and while using it often have 10-15 open. Sometimes I do a lot of opening & closing. Am not sure how many tabs are too many.

    I don't see it making a difference if the "Delay opening background tabs" is activated,,, had hoped it would

    I don't use many other programs while using Opera-- generally Word, music, games, IrfanView...

  • Try the Clean profile steps mentioned above, also, you can try disabling the AV for a while and test if there is any difference.

  • @aimzz
    just ask 'n while opera is running Only What happens when ya minimize opera to task bar ?.. How is memory now..