How to test anti-Bitcoin mining tool

  • I have updated to the latest stable version (50) and I want to check how the anti-Bitcoin toll is effective. Is a test website available out there? Or is there any other way how to test it?

  • Most famous is probably TPB, but they'd be blocked in half the world anyway ...

  • No problem to run TPB site on my end. So, how do I know that Opera blocks mining? I received no pop up, notice, warning etc. I would like to get proof that Opera is indeed blocking mining sites. Opera is boasting with this feature so I would expect a clear message to users how to check it and to get proof of its efficiency.

  • @pe73 i agree. a little popup that indicates it would be nice. like in the crypto-stop extension for example.

  • @acidinmyfridge
    Thanks for the support. We should know which sites do the mining and that Opera has blocked them. Otherwise this feature is pretty questionable.

  • @pe73 i tried the nocoin add-on back when it came out and it does work, but i started using cryptostop add-on instead simply because it provided a little popup that indicated mining scripts were stopped and displayed a little number. I guess for convenience the adding of a little popup would be appreciated.

  • Opera's anti-coin is useless if one has uBlock Origin and/or uMatrix.

  • @rudrick Yeah, I know. Some ad blockers and other specialized tools handle anti-Bitcoin protection. However we're talking here about missing a visible notification that Opera has effectively blocked mining.

  • You have to open the Developer Tools → Sources tab to see the mining web workers. They will be named like "#1", "#2" etc. with small gear icons next to them.
    What NoCoin does is that it closes them before they could work, and the website reopens them - it's an infinite fight. 🙂

    Just look at Opera's CPU use in the Task Manager and you should see.

    Unfortunately NoCoin doesn't seem to work for ThePirateBay's WASM (assembly) scripts at the moment.

  • @gombosg Thanks for the explanation but it's far from being user-friendly. Developers will have to come up with a smarter solution. A popup etc.

  • @pe73 said in How to test anti-Bitcoin mining tool:

    ... Developers will have to come up with a smarter solution. A popup etc.

    Actually, the popup idea would be useful to alert users to what is going on with that website's code or the JavaScripted site calls it invokes (ads, etc). The users then could/should each raise %$#/@ with the original site operators to get their act together, and in the meantime (or if the site persists in it) the user could avoid the site like the plague.

  • Just an icon indicating done action.

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