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  • In Opera 20 is it possible to set a minimum tab width, so you can scroll through the tabs (as in Firefox) as opposed to the tabs shrinking forever until they're unreadable (as in Chrome)? I checked the advanced settings and also searched for extensions but didn't find anything.


  • Not that i know.

  • As with leocg, I don't know a way to do what you want.

    I know you looked through extensions, but just in case you missed something that might help on the general issue of managing your tabs, I have a few extensions to mention to you.

    First, the Opera extension, The Tab Switcher, might be helpful to you.

    It seems very simple. You press Control M on the keyboard OR click on the extension icon, and you get a drop down menu with all of your tabs, in which you can see most of the full name of the tab. You can scroll down with the arrow keys, and open any of them by pressing enter. Or search through the keyboard, and select your tab that way to open it.

    There are some Chrome extension that may be of help in getting a handle on the tabs you have open and organizing them.
    Here's a link to an article on the ten best.
    Too Many Tabs for Chrome and Quick Tab may be the most promising for you to look at.

    Anyway, sorry, I can't help you shrink your tabs a bit. It does happen automatically, as you keep adding more, but there is no minimum beyond which it won't keep shrinking. -- LOL -- Of course, you can pin some tabs and reduce them to the size of a favicon, but then you have to know what site the favicon represents which I don't think is usually that easy. The key there is to pin some tabs with favicons that you clearly recognize, like gmail if you use it.

  • Here's one more extension in the Chrome store I saw and I think might help you organize too many tabs. It's called: One tab. Here's the link.

    And here's an article about it.