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  • Yes the last couple days Opera VPN hasn't had the best stability.
    This does seem to happen on occasion.

  • Thanks for that tip. I will look into it shortly (Wife just come out of hospital after hip replacement so time is a bit limited.

  • Just tried a download using both VPN regions and max speed is 1.2Mb/s on an 80Mb/s Fibre connection. Turning off the VPN during the download results in 79Mb/s. VPN problem it seems as it was OK yesterday.

  • @reshmaraj agree. its very slow too.
    today vpn is not useful again 😞


  • @gloewa may be they are doing the last minute checks on VPN .hope it comes back ok soon.

  • Still the same today, worse than useless with max download speed is 1.3Mb/s and frequent disconnections only when using the VPN.

  • as of yesterday i completely gave up on the built in vpn. did my own test and with built in just over 10mbps and with browsec full speed 125mbps.

  • 45-20 kbps unreal to use it
    few days ago it was so fine

  • Still the same today. Completely unusable.

  • Opera, what are you doing? The 49 version of VPN worked perfectly. Now the download speed with VPN enabled is not even 2MGB. Well, the mockery does not load anything. I have a browser Opera next as a second, through it 'sit' with a VPN (I am so comfortable), and then on you VPN has changed. No choice of countries, only Europe and America. But not that, not that does not work. Only upsets my traffic. If now V50 version 2 mgb, earlier in the 49 version was the choice of countries and everything worked well, the traffic of course the VPN took away, but there were at least 50-60 mgb. Everything with VPN loaded quickly. Now i is forced to delete, opera next for I do not need such a VPN, which is impossible to use. Please return normal VPN functionality to opera next.

  • I call it by name: VPN-functionality is unusable since days. when will it be fixed?
    (@opera-team: don't promote it when it does not work) ☹

  • The old VPN worked fairly well but the new VPN is very slow. New VPN offers only Americas, Europe and Optimal Location and when I check my IP, Norway comes up for on all three places! The old VPN offered 5 or 6 choices and checking your IP reflected those different regions.

    Sure it is nice Opera's VPN is free but it worked faster before, not now.

  • Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I still think Opera VPN, offered as it is, should be available more than some of the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Also, when it is working, is there a way to make it apply to all my connections, not only Opera? I have tried copying the at the time current IP address to my Windows Internet settings, but that does not always work; sometimes it prevents connectivity, and the address changes with each start of Opera. VPN that applies to the entire socket layer would be much more useful and secure. Thanks for your time and effort.

  • @alanchippy

    Given up and purchased a 3 year membership of NordVPN for $99. Works great

  • @gridsleep345 said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    Not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I still think Opera VPN, offered as it is, should be available more than some of the time.

    Agree. Don't need VPN all the time but it's a nice option to have and it's free. I see today Opera offered an Asia choice. Tried it and when doing an IP check Asia IP's out as Sweden and slower than the other 3 choices. The other 3 choices America, Europe and Optimal location still all come up as Norway when you do an IP check on them.

  • Looks like...since adding "Asia".......stability has reduced....setting a stream speed cap helped stability but it was terrible for video. (480p at most, still needs to be paused a lot)
    Reducing the stream speed cap further will only make the VPN unusable.

  • Yes adding Asia, when upon doing a IP check shows Sweden???....just made things worse.
    Went back to the other choices that all show Norway, on doing an IP check and things get a little better. This new VPN really slows all videos down terrible. You have to turn VPN off to view videos decently.

    Wish Opera went back to their previous VPN from a couple weeks ago that ran videos much better.

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  • I'm getting Oslo, Norway here.

  • Getting Oslo Norway also.