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  • There was a copyright fees dispute among Youtube (Google) and local interests group in here some time ago and people were furious as for few days all content in Youtube wasn't available - and Opera spread like wildfire due to Facebook comments praising Opera's VPN - but now it's silly'n'slow - it can't be used at all.

    Getting the VPN right should be the main focus on first day. Rent pipelines and clouds. The shift is just too sudden and too much to ask, really.

  • Pushing the change to Stable was too soon. Can't the system run on Symantec's for some time?

  • @zalex108 said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    Since I remember, it's the second bad management of an Opera desktop big problem.

    I dunno - I'm still vary. Maybe after all they're roughing feathers. O has been pushing various models of monetizement across clients.

  • Hi, in the last version of Opera, when you active the VPN, you can't chose the country like USA or Germany. You can chose only Americas, Europes or Asies. Then VPN become unusual. Anybody can tell me if we have an another solution. See you soon. Thanks.

  • @rudrick Probably not, that's why stable channel got the new VPN that soon.

  • @leocg said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    @zalex108 If you ever worked in a company, you know that employees are usually the last ones to know about employers (owners) decisions. So I guess it should have been something more of 'Ok, we just sold Surfeasy, you need to start using another VPN service until the end of the year' than a 'Hey, we are thinking of selling Surfeasy so it seems good that you start looking for a VPN service to use in Opera'.

    About the silence, probably there is no one to say something for the same reason there is no one to fix the issue.

    Also, it was never Opera's policy to do statements about any issues.

    You are looking into another direction.
    My first post explains quite easily my opinion.

    I don't even blame "lastest" Opera's employees, which are making the "product", the management it's made by others.

    Despite that, those latest employees, are on the Blogs and Forums too, dealing with some users comments.
    Maybe there is a community manager which knows about those comments...

    At some point, all those reactions/comments, must be addressed to the needed department.

    A good company, recognize, face and deal with the problems, even if they cannot give a solution at the first state do not hidde on the silence.

    Also, all these bad management is detrimental for the "latest" employees.

  • @rudrick said in IS VPN with problem now?:

    I dunno - I'm still vary. Maybe after all they're roughing feathers. O has been pushing various models of monetizement across clients.

    I don't know, but good management is far of that.

  • Opera VPN does not work correctly.

    Normally I can choose a country like Netherland, US or Canada and so on.

    At the moment only the following works;

    optimal place
    North and Southamerica


    no country directly

    How can solve this problem so that it works correctly.
    Do you have a update or further software to let VPN work correctly again.
    Or what can I do to solve this issue...👶

    What is more, maybe it would be helpful that the mentioned continents have
    some countries to select like france, USA, argentina, singapure or so....
    Like categorie menu of sending problems...see picture...![alt text](0_1514793904186_operadddd.JPG image url)

    So see you and hope you can send a solution.🏃

    See you and a happy new year👶

  • The vpn still doesn't work in Romania.

  • When i turn to Vpn on, the internet speed is very slow nearly 40 kb...turn of it is normal? what is the problem? cant donwload or watch any video etc.

  • Wow VPN is super slow today. I'm in the USA, Using Colorado Springs Region: Colorado VPN setting right now and it's slower than when it showed Sweden! Wish Opera would fix things soon.

  • Guys I am using Opera 49.0.2725.64 , But its browser inbuilt VPN working. It stays as forever connecting. I am using Kaspersky Total security 2018. Please guys help me.

  • @kryy10 It's been like that since the beginning of this month. I've had to turn it off.

  • You've cocked up the VPN.
    I have 100Mbps Virgin cable, running consistently at 103Mbps
    The new version on VPNs only allows me to select a continent or Optimal. This is a step backwards.
    Selecting "Europe" or "Optimal" only gives me less than 2Mbps; ridiculous.
    The old system allowed me to select countries at my choice. I am in the UK and I noticed that when Optimal selected France it was rarely above 25Mbps, too slow.
    When I chose Germany, even though it was father away, I was getting above 75Mbps.
    Now I cannot get above 2Mbps BECAUSE you do not offer me the flexibility to chose at country level.
    WHAT'S GOING ON ??? !!!
    2Mbps is not good enough.

  • After The New Updates In opera The VPN Gets Much Slower Than Before

    Its Stability IS Also Gets Reduced.

    Its speed Is Very Poor

  • I've been using Opera VPN for a while and, aside from the sites that simply block it, performance has been fine. That changed earlier today. Pages are slow to load (like being on dial up) and streaming quality is poor (when I turn off VPN and reload the quality is fine). Not sure what's changed, though it looks like I'm on a new VPN version now (judging from the different list of virtual locations).

    Opera 49.0.2725.64
    MacOS High Sierra 10.13.2

  • And as I'm looking at this page, the following message keeps appearing and disappearing:
    "Looks like your connection to Opera Forums was lost. please wait while we try to reconnect."

  • Opera V50.0.2762.45 just became available. Let's hope it is an improvement. Not tried it yet.

  • @alanchippy I just updated to 50.0.2762.45. No improvement relative to speed while using VPN, which makes sense due to the VPN service being a server resource rather than the browser client itself. Opera will have to change the VPN backend before we'll see any performance improvement. My speeds through my 50Mbps ISP connection drop to less than 1.5Mbps downloads and less than 1Mbps when using the Opera VPN.

  • @obsidiancat they will fix that problems?