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Opera's Master Password protection is *broken*

  • Scenario: Windows 10 clean build. New install of Opera 49. I setup Synchronization to download my passwords. All that populates. Fine.

    When I go to display hidden passwords, it asks for my computer password. Fine. I enter my login and password and it comes back with "Username and Password are incorrect." I tried it again, this time clicked on "More choices" and selected my user name from the list. I typed in the password. Same error.

    Just to confirm I had the right password, I rebooted the machine and logged in with username and password. That was fine. Then I tried the above again using the same credentials. No bueno.

    Finally after about an hour of looking I figured it out. The answer is that the Opera programmers are lazy.
    If you're using a Windows 10 login that is integrated with Windows Live, Windows keeps two versions of the login. The first is the full email address as the username. The other is a truncated version that is used with legacy apps.

    Instead of updating the engine to recognize integrated Windows Live signins (which have been a thing since Windows 8 ), Opera still keeps checking the master login against the legacy database.

    My login is
    The username that Opera accepted was "confi".
    The only reason I knew to try the second was because I happen to see that name in C:\Users.

    A pox on the Opera programmer's houses. Seriously.

  • And what does any of that have to do with the Master Password?

    The error you're complaining about is a bug in Chromium which Opera unfortunately inherited. But a Master Password was something else present in older Presto-based versions that prevented guests from using your saved passwords at all if they didn't know the master password, and this bug in showing passwords does not prevent you from using them.

    As the thread is misnamed, there are so many threads about the actual issue, and the issue is already fixed in Beta, this thread is closed.