Opera Mobile 43 and Opera beta 43+ not working with Outlook web apps

  • After upgrading Oera Mobile to version 43 and Opera beta to 43 (later to 44) they stopped opening my Outlook web app.

    I use own company login page and two-steps login. The URL below redirects to the own login page;
    I tried with data saving and add blocker on and off;
    Worked well with version 42, own login page hasn't changed, can't cofirm for anything on Outlook/Office 365.

    Expected behaviour: Enter URL: outlook.com/<own domein> - get redirected to custom login page - perform two login stes
    Actual behaviour: Enter above URL - Opera is loading for over a minute - get no access to we page message or a blank screen.

    P.S. Tried Opera mini as well. It does not return an error, but the redirect is still not working as I am sent to a completely another page - MS live portal

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