Can we please STOP adding spammy new entries in Speed Dial?

  • What's with Facebook, Ali Express, Booking Amazon and so on? If I need a site, I will add it, I don't need this cheap advertising in my browser.

    Stop being greedy. Look at how being greedy ends in the latest EA vs Gamers debacle, it ends in 3 Billion stock loss.

    This happened twice already the last week. And it happened in the past as well.

    Stop it. There are MANY free browsers to choose from, remember that, Opera.

  • I agree! These same sites are being placed on my Speed Dial page too! I keep deleting them but they return. I want to control what websites I want to add, so stop adding random sites to my Speed Dial page, Opera!

  • And it happened again...

  • No big deal ... Opera can make money to pay their employees to continue making a very nice browser. We can delete the occasional added bookmark whenever we want! Carry on! 🙂

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