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Moved From One laptop To Another - Where Are My Saved Passwords??

  • Windows 7::
    Ok, normally when O updates, there is a new version and all passwords are still in the new version.

    On my new laptop, I installed the latest version of opera, and moved my entire Opera Stable folder (from Roaming in AppData) to the new laptop, but where are my passwords??

    Help Please

  • Passwords are encrypted using your OS login credentials, so they can't be used in another OS installation or by another user.

    To use your saved passwords in a different computer you need to use Sync.

  • I do not have any login credentials; my old Windows 7 is not passworded at all, nor is the new laptop. At what point did Windows give me "credentials" - and if so is it possible to somehow use the same credentials on my new laptop??

    So that said, can I sync one Opera install, and move JUST the passwords??

  • Ok, I have found the credential manager in control panel; so then is it possible for me to edit my current credential and then now that I know the new login/password,change the credential on the new laptop??

  • Ok, I seems to be making this more complicated than it is. I see now that I CAN sync ONLY passwords; therefore I can sign in with the new laptop, and just sync the passwords. Then after that, I will reset the sync so that there is nothing left on the server as far as any of my synced data.

    Thanks leo, sorry to bother you, I answered my own question.


  • Then it's fixed?

    If not all passwords are there but you still have your old laptop/system untouched you'll have some chance to recover them.

  • @zalex108

    All passwords were transferred. I started the signin for sync, it asked me what I wanted to sync, I clicked JUST passwords. Then signed out.

    Signed in on the new laptop, it transferred the passwords that were placed there by my older laptop. I checked to see if they were actually done, they were. Then I reset my sync - which basically erased all the sync data. I do NOT like to be signed in, it kind of creates chaos, so I never use sync at all.

  • @bbildman


  • @bbildman Good to know that you could solve the problem.

    Even if your OS doesn't ask for a password, there's an user - usually called Administrator or root - logging in and your saved passwords are attached to that user (or whatever is the user that you use to login on your OS) on that computer.

    This seems to be to avoid that your saved passwords can be used in another machine even if the person knows your OS account information.

    BTW, in recent versions of Opera there is a (Chromium) flag to enable a password importer an exporter but I never tested to see if it works.

  • Opera passwords are linked to your credentials in your operating system. This is not any password that you use or used to login to Windows 7 . Your credentials can be seen in what is called the credential manager . It is possible to change your current credentials using that and changing the password .