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New Windows XP user - Questions

  • I am glad I found a Browser that (even though it is not completely supported) it is still available for use with XP at version 36. Now that I have it installed and I am using it I have a few questions.

    Performance: loading web pages seems very slow and sometimes requires a reboot to work at all. Can this be the result of my Avast antivirus, my Windows firewall (the only one that still works)? Can anything be done to improve it?

    Version: My understanding from reading web pages is that version 36 is the last XP level. How do I know that I am using the correct Version 36 build? How do I keep from accidentally updating to a later version?

    Any suggestions?

  • @jdlomonaco said in New Windows XP user - Questions:

    Can this be the result of my Avast antivirus

    There's a good chance.

    @jdlomonaco said in New Windows XP user - Questions:

    How do I know that I am using the correct Version 36 build?

    The installer should always fetch the latest available build.

  • @jdlomonaco In various browser and security forums and involving various chromium-based browsers (like Opera), I've seen reports of browser interference primarily related to Avast, Eset, Trend Micro, Total 360, and Bitdefender AV programs. Those reports vary in consistency across reporting users (that is, not all users seem to have identical issues and many users have no issues at all). Consequently, in many cases the problems appear to involve specific AV settings or features.

    If you have a reputable website that appears 'safe' but consistently causes slow loading, you might try disabling the AV temporarily and testing the load speed for just that site after restarting the browser, and repeat that a few times to get a sense of whether the AV is affecting load speed. If it is, you may try tweaking the various AV settings or exception-settings to see if things improve. As a last resort, if nothing improves an AV-related problem, you may have to switch AVs.

    Another cause of slow loading is old hardware and insufficient RAM in the computer, particularly with respect to modern multi-process browsers that demand more RAM and present more processor load. RAM can be a particular problem if the browser demands more memory than is available, whereupon it will cause Windows to use the swap/paging file on the hard drive - a much slower operation than directly using chip RAM.

    Version 36 is indeed the last XP-compatible Opera version. Simply rename Opera's auto update exe file to something else (eg: add an X to the file name) to prevent any future updating. If you should ever want to restore update capability, simply rename it back to the original name.

  • @blackbird71 Thanks for the reply. I have found out more about my problems.
    Performance: when loading web pages It appears that loading is only slow for new web pages. Speed Dial animation stays active for minutes before something happens. However when started from a bookmark folder start up happens almost immediately. I haven't tried disabling Avast shields yet but I find it hard to believe that this is the cause. any ideas?

    Version: I looked to rename the auto update .exe but found none and the fact that the settings don't have an update option I am going to assume that this was removed from this XP/Vista version of Opra. True?

  • @jdlomonaco Opera 36 for XP/Vista most probably will not have any updates.

    Anyway, you should find the auto updater in Opera's installation directory inside a folder with the build number.

  • @leocg That's where I looked ....\Program Files\Opra\36...... Not there.

  • If you wish you can check for updates ... but as you can see, the last update was in August of 2016.

  • @jdlomonaco Since it's probably the last version, maybe they have removed auto update.

  • The latest version of Opera 36 is 36.0.2130.80. Check the version of the opera.exe or launcher.exe file to confirm that you have the latest version.
    I still have the auto update file in my 36.0.2130.80 folder, it's called opera_autoupdate.exe.
    I don't think Opera have ever actually officially said that Opera 36 is now abandoned, They did originally say that they would keep it security patched for XP/Vista users, but no cut-off point was ever given for this.

  • davehawley: OK so I missed the .exe file (forest for the trees) until I sorted by file type. So I changed the name and update should be avoided henceforth. I am still having the performance issue even when I shut down the Avast shield controls. Any ideas?

  • @jdlomonaco
    Opera 36 works fine on my system (I use Trend Micro Internet Security) but my machine is a powerful one. How much RAM does your system have, and what processor? It could indeed be just a problem with the hardware not being up to running a quite demanding program very quickly.
    I wouldn't worry about the auto updating, there is no danger of it updating to an incompatible version as the checking routine will detect that you are running XP. If you disable it there is a possibility that you might miss a future update for Opera 36, although I do think that it's unlikely that there will ever be another one now!

  • Thanks for the reply. Yep it might be better to leave it alone in case there is a crash fix. I didn't think of that.

    The PC is a very old one with 1.5 G of RAM and a 1.7 Ghz Pentium processor. I keep it around to test some software that I wrote.

  • @jdlomonaco
    I'm pretty sure that's the cause of the poor performance.
    I imagine that Google Chrome wouldn't be any different.
    While I can understand Opera being slow on your system, it certainly shouldn't be actually crashing.

  • Thanks for the reply. I had forgotten just how old that PC was until you asked about it. I had problems with Chrome and Fire Fox crashing. Opera isn't crashing. Its just so very slow that I get impatient waiting for "Speed Dial". On the other hand, I found that accessing a web page once they are Bookmarked is slow but OK.

  • @jdlomonaco
    Ah OK, when you said in your OP that Opera "sometimes requires a reboot to work at all" I assumed you meant it had crashed.

  • @jdlomonaco said in New Windows XP user - Questions:

    Thanks for the reply. Yep it might be better to leave it alone in case there is a crash fix. I didn't think of that.

    The PC is a very old one with 1.5 G of RAM and a 1.7 Ghz Pentium processor. I keep it around to test some software that I wrote.

    Look at this:

    Maybe helps.

  • zalex108: Thanks for the reply. I skimmed through the links but plan on taking a good look at them later today. This may just be what I need.

  • zalex108: I tried the tweaks suggested to make my old XP machine run the browser faster (that I thought would help)
    and they did. Its not a speed daemon but it runs much more acceptably. Thanks.

  • @jdlomonaco

    Good! 👍

    Try to keep your system defragmented and look for Speed up registry tweaks too.

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