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Flash player does not work; can not be able.

  • @shahramop said in Flash player does not work; can not be able.:

    @zalex108 I deleted the "Preferences" in my second PC but nothing happened, the problem exists, only in my first PC(without deleting its Preferences file) only one of the websites using flash player(it has only audio files) started working!! and flash player in other websites do not work yet.

  • @shahramop If you have Adobe Flash properly installed (test with Chromium first) it's exactly the file to be renamed/deleted from this folder.
    The only side effect I had was having to reinstall all the addons.
    And of course the site with flash content needs to be inserted into the flash content execution exception list that is in the browser settings.

    0_1510998419119_Captura de tela de 2017-11-13 20-25-29.png

  • @zalex108 Thanks for all help you had provided!

  • @msxmaniac

    U welcome 馃槈

    Let's see if soon appears a solution for all affected users.

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  • some other people having the same above problem have posted in Adobe forum and they advised some instructions to fix, which neither they helped me, it may be useful ,in this following link:
    Opera browser updated and now I can't get flash player to install

  • I've been playing with chrome://site-engagement more. Setting a site to 0, pressing enter and refreshing that page does indeed remove the site from the list.

    Also, setting a site to 100 (and pressing ENTER to apply it) and refreshing the site's page often allows flash to work without even adding an exception to the list. I say "often" as it doesn't work all the time. Sometimes I have to close out of the tab for the site and open it up again. Other times I have to repeat that stuff a lot of times or refresh the site page a bunch of times. Then it works, again without adding an exception.

    So, maybe try going to chrome://site-engagement and setting all the sites to 100 (making sure to press ENTER each time). Then, for sites where that still doesn't help, keep reloading the site for a while just to see if you can get it to work.

    If a site isn't in the list, go to the site first and then it'll show up. If it still doesn't though, you'll have to try the exceptions list. Then it should show up in the site-engagement list where you can then set it to 100.

    Not a solution. Just something to mess around with. Also, once it works for a page, I'm not sure if it keeps working (after a restart for example) yet. But, it looks like it persists.

  • @burnout426 said in Flash player does not work; can not be able.:


    Thanks! The workaround works for me This is a great help!! .馃槂

  • @shahramop i had the same issue. what i did here was, that i simply clicked on "nu controleren" and downloaded flash player again. when i went to facebook games, opera now asked me to allow flash, which i did. Nothing happened here, BUT: using the site settings bar now, setting plugin+NPAPI plugin to allow, enabled the flash and i could display game content without problems.

  • @shahramop also, what i forgot to mention: after setting the sitesetting bar, open the page in a new tab. that worked for me.

  • You are right in every respect.
    And no amount of uninstalling and re-installing of browser, plug-in etc will make a difference.
    In brief, Opera are a bunch of arse.
    I will be using a different browser until an update fixes what is a cruel and unusual cockup.

  • I have the same problem. I installed Opera version 49.0.2725.39 yesterday and I can not access sites with Flash Player.

    I have done all the procedures contained in this post: updated flash player (, have NPAPI and PPAPI, I already put everything in "100" in the link "chrome: // site-engagement" and even then, I have a specific site that I can not open! And in no time appeared the pop-up asking if I wanted to enable the flash player. And I also put several sites in the exceptions and even then this site did not work.

    I do not want to have to put all the sites on the exceptions list because Opera does not run the flash. Please help me or I will be unable to use the Opera browser.

    Thanks in advance.

  • @pedrosantospaiva You forgot the most important information.

  • @leocg, So tell me what they are.

  • @pedrosantospaiva The site's adress?

  • @pedrosantospaiva I've checked with Opera, Edge, Firefox and Chrome Developer and in all of them the page looks the same: a text on the top and a dark background.
    There is no mention of Flash or any other content.

  • @acidinmyfridge Thanking you, I have uninstalled and reinstalled flash player in the same way, including putting that adobe web page help, along with other adobe websites, in manage exceptions list, but it did not fixed the above problem, in addition to, no bar allow/deny opens for me.

  • Seems like every time Opera has an update some apps
    stop working properly, including Adobe Flash Player.
    Users shouldn't have to dread after the browser they
    mostly use has an update.

  • @leocg 0_1511128133432_Picture0001.jpg

    With Firefox appears to me.

  • @pedrosantospaiva


    Not here and there is no mention that Flash is needed.