Opera loads, www load - then nada - white screen

  • Found on the forum someone suggesting a work-around .... it doesn't work. I booted Opera, went to View\Developer menu - it then opened a load of code ... in "Chrome" browser!

    I have 24" iMac and a MBP - both on 10.7.5 Lion ... a few months ago, Opera, my browser of FIRST choice started on 90% of sites of coming up, then VANISHING .... nada, but a white screen - even though the URL was right.


    Please help - I have, and have used many a browser, but for me, Opera (when it works) is the only one that ticks all my boxes!

    DO HOPE OPERA SEE THIS AND DO HOPE 'SOMEONE' can tell me what's gone wrong, and what the fix is!! PLEEEEEZE!
    Best wishes,

  • Does the address change? That is, I've seen some cases where an and fails to load and I get redirected to the ad's address - I think the and is trying to defeat the content blocker but failing.

    Of course, if you're seeing that on all sites then you would have an aware problem - either a bad extension or some aware outside Opera.

    If the address is correct but you still see nothing, might still be an extension of some sort. Particularly one that tries to restyle the page.

  • @sgunhouse
    Thank you....

    Have just clicked "amazon" toolbar link ... this is what comes up in URL line ....
    then page goes blank, in a flash

    So, have just typed in first bit 'https://www.amazon.co.uk
    and it did the same!

    Does this info help?

    Best wishes

  • Since the address didn't change, see about disabling your extensions if you have any.

  • Sorry, you're dealing with a fairly old one here ... I assume you mean Extensions on OPERA ... please advise how I check what, if any, extensions I have?

    Sorry to be a der!

  • @sgunhouse
    Have been a-looking.... found a list of extensions (sorry about that, at first hunt I only saw 'add extension'!)
    Extensions that are list are ALL 'UNENABLED' (i.e. it say 'click' to enable)

    Duck Duck Go
    PDF Viewer
    You Tube Downloader

    But, as I say, NONE are 'active' - they all say 'click to enable'....
    Do hope this helps give a clue!!

    Pippa x

  • @pippa333
    ooops - spelt Ghostery incorrectly!

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