Video's going out of sync, multiple sources (Netflix and other sites)

  • So I've been watching Netflix and catching up on other tv shows (from totally legitimate sites ;)) I have a problem happening on Netflix and of course other different sites, using different players where the video will keep going out of sync, is there anything that I can change with the setting of the browser, or anything on my computer that could be causing this.

  • Presume you mean the sound is out of sync with the image, as otherwise I have no idea what you mean.

  • @sgunhouse Yes, that's it. It's more of a progressive thing however, if I am watching it the audio isn't out of sync with the film/tv show to begin with, but it slowly becomes out of sync, refreshing the page fixes that but only for a short while. I have only recently started using Opera, so I am unsure whether this could be due to an option that I could select in order to stop this from happening.

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