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Reborn Sidebar reordering (dev)

  • Could Snap be under Speed Dial and Bookmarks? Before News?

    At least I think that the most top icon/link location is for Speed Dial - it's like that Speed Dial as feature ~ at this point in time is very self-righteous 😉

    0_1509424122617_Capture.JPG <---- huh!

  • In that sense, the various messenger/chat apps are top, if you haven't hidden them.

  • @sgunhouse Oh good point. Yes those are hidden I never use them. Discord I might.. Or maybe Telegram.

    But I don't have use for the messengers really as there are other ways to use them without sacrificing my screen estate. And once it's closed then it's closed(?)

    What strikes odd that with the messengers there clearly is a web panel feature in Opera - why not give us that as well?

    Topic: Yes as extensions in the sidebar keeps increasing - Speed Dial / Start Page should be at the top. Of course: Messenger icons are full/color so there's a visual indicator 'reminder'.

    I hope that Snap is moved under SD or under SD and bookmarks.

    Secondary I hope that at least SD is moved over the messengers.

  • make the sidebar rearrangeable just like the extension icons are in 49.

  • @chuchkyschild Hmm. Perhaps 3rd party icons only...

  • @rudrick said in Reborn Sidebar reordering (dev):

    @chuchkyschild Hmm. Perhaps 3rd party icons only...

    sorry but that makes no sense since the 3rd party icons would be the extension icons which are fine at the end of the search / address bar. please clarify what you mean.

  • get used in using the Speed Dial icon left to the address bar 🙂 , (where I would like to have the Bookmarks' heart icon as well, so I could get rid of the sidebar once and for all, as it takes horizontal space)

    Although a +1 for the rearrange option.

  • bookmark heart can stay where it's at as far as i'm concerned. as for getting rid of the sidebar again no auto-hide it.

  • @xirit32 I have found heart-icon/menu at right end of omnibox to be rather far as "duties" are mostly done on top left area of the browser (menu, buttons, reborn sidebar, ext sidebar etc) - so it kind of makes sense to have the heart where "duties" are.

    Bookmarks Heart appears to be a page action (of some sort) so I dunno what would it take to relocate it.

    But here's an instant improvement: swap locations of ad blocker icon and the heart - so that the heart is always the most left side/leaning of page action icons. That way it's always closest to the direction where mouse/touch advances it~

  • @chuchkyschild Bookmarks bar should auto-hide 🙂 and auto-hover 😃

  • @rudrick said in Reborn Sidebar reordering (dev):

    @chuchkyschild Bookmarks bar should auto-hide 🙂 and auto-hover :Di didn't say anything about the bookmark bar. i said the heart for the bookmarks is fine where it's at in the sidebar. as for the bookmark bar i honestly have no opinion on it since i have mine hidden.