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  • New user - I was following a thread on how to get the standard Opera Menu. Someone couldn't find just as I can't. User launched into an extensive debate on the philosophy of the need for menu's. The poor soul never got an answer that I could find and then someone I lost the thread. Can anyone tell me how to get the Opera manu. I'm using Opera 48.0 and instead of the menu that seemingly all help items point to (preferences, file, etc) I get new tab, new window, ... page, etc. I'm ready to give up on Opera if no one can help. In fact I switched over to firefox to write this query. Can anyone help. P.S., I don't care what anyone thinks about the virtues or non-virtues of menus. Just want to know how. Thanks

  • Sorry, not possible in current Opera versions.

  • and what is wrong with clicking the O in the siodebar and navigating to what you need? since switching to opera i wish all browsers had the sidebar.

  • Sidebar issues aren't yet resolved. And thus continues my unpinning of the Reborn sidebar.

    It might be great. It can be great. Yet ~ waiting.

  • i have yet to see any issues with the side bar

  • @chuchkyschild There is 2 sidebars doing same and similar functionality.
    Its a grand wish of the user/addon community to make Reborn sidebar a host to what is/was known as Opera's sidebar - or extension bar if you will.

    A dev commented a while back that they have 'the sidebars' on table. Hopefully a resolution will surface.

    One idea would be to eg. at the bottom of Reborn sidebar host a "tray" that extends? when clicked/hovered - and that tray extendinf from the bar would host Opera's Sidebar API.

    Or something like that. I see that addons likely won't get similar space from Reborn sidebar as was/is with Opera's sidebar - aka Extension Bar.

  • @rudrick said in Main menu bar:

    There is 2 sidebars doing same and similar functionality.

    Not exactly but okay, I agree they could be merged. But I guess it's not something for the near future.

  • @leocg A middle-ground solution would likely do just fine. For the mean time at least.

    If the bars cannot be merged any time soon (darn FB) - then what? Addon dev for sidebar is stalled, yet the community could bring so much value to Opera users with addons at users 'sidedash'.

    There appears to be a web panel in Opera (messenger apps) but even the web panel isn't available for content the user wants to browse in it - and no word of web panels coming to Opera.

    We can't even multi-select tabs! 😃

    If we could at least change orientation of the bar and or bars (left or right) - that would be something. But perhaps there could be some other visual ways to make it seem "coherent" - like hover - I dunno - check ext 'vTabs'.

  • @rudrick I guess it's not a matter of can or cannot be merged but of it doesn't exactly being something with a very high priority. I don't think that many people use the extensions sidebar.

  • @leocg Extension bar is clunky and hard to use from get go - like fast make it appear/disappear. Sidebar API also leaves lot to desire - like if one has eg. Youtube playing on sidebar ext one cannot minimize it or the playing stops and the page vanishes to oblivion.

  • what is this so called extra sidebar? this is my opera and it's perfect as is.

    My Opera

  • @chuchkyschild The extensions sidebar.

  • @leocg said in Main menu bar:

    @chuchkyschild The extensions sidebar.

    ok i found it. i personally don'r see a need for it.

  • Some people were asking for bookmarks in a sidebar panel, the extensions sidebar does that. It existed before the current sidebar. They need to either allow people to put it on the right (those few who want it), merge the two, or just remove it.

  • no need for it since there is a bookmark bar already. start duplicating features and opera is going to get bloated. like in the official there is a developer menu, why? with that said news should be in with help and about opera, not where it's current at.

  • @chuchkyschild Since most monitors nowadays are 16:9, many people prefer to 'lose' horizontal space rather than vertical one.

    And if you think about it you will see that many functions are duplicated in a browser or even in softwares in general.