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  • Hi. I used Opera's VPN in order to check for IP leaks on and Both sites could find my real location and IP despite built VPN was on. I cleaned the cache - by browser and by bash -, restart my router, turn on the VPN and set to Singapore, and both sites found my real location again.
    I cannot talk more information about whoer, but doileak used the browser timezone to have a fingerprint.
    Is there any update to fix it?
    Opera version: 48.0.2685.39.

  • Did you disable WebRTC and plugins? Both are known to bypass the VPN.

    Unless you're somewhere with a unique time zone (like Newfoundland, Canada) knowing your local time still matches 1/25 of the world - and if you were worried about it you could change it.

  • Hi @otaviojsouza, go to Settings > Privacy & security, scroll down to "WebRTC", and select the option "Disable non-proxied UDP". After that, check if it leaks the IP again ;-)

  • Most probably a WebRTC leak as said before. My real IP is not shown on both test sites with Opera VPN enabled. But I use uBlock origin with checked "Prevent WebRTC from leaking local IP addresses" option, which sets Opera to "Disable non-proxied UDP":


    So please do the same and repeat the tests.

  • Hello folks.
    Thank you for the support and tips.
    All you were right: one extension was leaking the real IP by WebRTC. For my surprise was "Privacy Badger" of EFF.
    This extension set "Use default public network interfaces only" as default. In this option de real IP of ISP leaks.
    For curiosity I also tried "Use default public and private network interfaces only" and "Use any suitable network interface (recommended)". Both leaked my ISP's IP and local router IP.

    Thank you a lot!