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No THEME or APPEARANCE options in main menu drop-down

  • I decided to give Opera a try, as Firefox has become so bloated and slow. But, I really liked FF's customization capabilities, both natively and with the help of add-ons. (Lack of customization is what keeps Chrome from being my main browser.)
    I researched Opera's capabilities, and have seen help pages that mention both APPEARANCE and THEMES as choices in the Main Menu. However, I have neither in my Opera's Main Menu.
    So, my question is : Are there any native options to customize the appearance of Opera, such as adding/removing buttons on the toolbar, adding/removing toolbars, having history/bookmarks in a sidebar or top-level drop-down (currently, it two levels deep in the Main Menu, or opens a new tab from the Sidebar icon, both less efficient then my preference.)
    If native options aren't available, are there add-ons for these specific tasks? I couldn't find them in the add-on "store".
    Any help or suggestions are appreciated. If Opera is not customizable, it doesn't really hold any advantage over Chrome, for me.

  • The pages didn't distinguish between Presto-based Opera (versions 7 through 12) and current versions based on Chromium. The features you describe are from the older versions,

  • Okay then. If these simple user options are not available natively, are there add-ons that can give the user the ability to add/remove/position buttons on the toolbar, and/or provide History and Bookmarks in proper drop-downs/sidebars?

    I did find a couple of V7 add-ons that add the History and Bookmark functionality, but put the buttons on the Extension Sidebar. Obviously, they would work better on the main Sidebar, or better yet the top Toolbar.

    Again, any suggestions for add-ons that can provide the ability to customize the Toolbar, and for History and Bookmark add-ons that open Sidebar or Drop-down list rather than new tabs, would be greatly appreciated.

  • @garypen If you want that kind of customization maybe you should have a look at and see if it fits you better.

  • @xirit32 Vivaldi looks interesting. Thanks!
    Have you used it? Is it fast and light, like Opera and Chrome?
    As long as it's not a bloated, stuttering, resource hog like Firefox has become, it looks like it could work for me.
    I'll give it a try.

  • Vivaldi isn't as fast as Opera, but it is still based on Chromium so it is fairly similar. Opera also has that built-in ad blocker, VPN, and battery saver. Vivaldi has limited theming but the interface is based on web technologies so that with a little work more can be done - and there is an active modding topic in their forums..

  • @sgunhouse I'm not worried about losing the ad blocker feature, as I've always run the ABP extension on all of my browsers.
    For direct single-click drop-down access to all of my bookmarks, I've set up the same "trick" I've used with Chrome . I created a folder called "Bookmarks" in the Bookmarks Bar, and keep all of my bookmarks in there rather than in "All Bookmarks".
    If only it was possible to do that with History, as well. 🙂

  • @garypen Well I have tried it in the past (about a year ago) but mainly I don't like the forced Windows 10 look of it and I'm used also to Opera's method of creating thumbnails for the Speed Dial items, although I liked a lot that in Vivaldi you could have as many Speed Dials you 'd want to, contrary to Opera where it gets confusing and untidy if you have many. It shouldn't have any peformance problems (I found this also confirming it), and its bookmarks method in a tree amongst many other things are more on the classic path of Opera Presto or Firefox.