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Deleting local cookies does not work as intended

  • Hi,

    I've been using Opera for many years now. Since a few weeks I've spotted a problem which bugs me a lot.
    Whenever i delete all my browser data (strg+shift+delete, then delete anything since the installation except for passwords) Opera does not delete any local cookies. When I click "all cookies and website data" it still shows me cookies from websites i've visited before, although they should have been deleted. It does however delete them when I close Opera.

    What I'd expect Opera to do is to delete EVERY browser data when I click it

    My system:
    Windows 10 Education, 64 bit
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
    Biostar GT350B
    16 GB RAM
    GeForce GTX 1080
    Samsung 960 Evo 1 TB

    Opera Version: 48.0.2685.50 (PGO)

    What I've tried so far:
    -Disabled all extensions
    -Disabled security software
    -Created a new profile folder

    If there's a way to fix it, I'd be glad to hear it 🙂

    So far and have a nice day

  • Are you selecting the option to delete data from the beginning of times?

  • yep

  • when i open my cookies and click "delete" it shows a clear cookie-list, as if everything was deleted. if i reopen the cookies it shows that the local cookies are actually still there instead of being deleted

  • when i open my cookies and click "delete" it shows a clear cookie-list, as if everything was deleted. if i reopen the cookies it shows that the local cookies are actually still there instead of being deleted

    Maybe because new cookies were fetched? Do you see data from all previous visited pages?

  • No. No page is open, i delete everything but afterwards I still see every LOCAL cookie from the pages i visited before.

  • Did you close Opera after the clean up?

  • If I close Opera after the clean up, then everything is deleted.
    If I do not close Opera after the clean up, then nearly everything is deleted, but there is still local data shown in the cookies for each website I visited before.

  • I wrote a response about this in another thread recently. Basically, after a bit of testing, this is how I found Opera's handling of cookie deletion operates:

    When you clear browsing data 'all cookies and site data', as you say, it doesn't delete any cookies labeled 'Local Storage'. You need to go to 'Settings/Privacy & Security' and select 'Keep local data only until I quit my browser' found under the Cookies section. When you close the browser on next launch you should find all cookies labeled 'Local Storage' have been deleted. If, however you select 'Allow local data to be set (recommended)' all Local Storage cookies will remain after relaunching Opera.

    The question is why do you want/need all cookies to be deleted when you have the browser open? As soon as you browse onto another site, you'll pick up a load more cookies anyway. I tend to clear browsing data before I exit the browser so I know all cookies, including locally stored ones will be deleted when I next launch Opera.

    Btw, I just tried Firefox and it behaves in exactly the same way. When clearing browsing data, some cookies remain. On relaunch they're all gone.

  • Thanks for the response, cozza. Besides simply wanting to be able to delete all the data websites store on my computer to be able to track me I feel like the way the current version of Opera is handling cookies is not like it should be. If I select "delete all browser data" and include cookies it should delete all the cookies, not just pretend to do so. If i delete all the cookies manually it shouldn't show me a clear list afterwards, although it didn't actually delete the local ones.

    I do use the "keep loval data only until I quit my browser" but it's annoying as hell to always restart the browser after using a site like facebook. By the way, when it says "local storage cookies", does it mean flash-cookies?

  • A little searching online for a cookie explanation:

    Local storage cookies use a browser to run a script whereas other cookies (server-side) are run from a server. The main use of cookies is to store small amounts of information i.e. username and password details - so you don't have to log in every time you revisit a particular site. Note that it is not possible for a webpage to view cookies set by other sites, as this would represent a privacy and security problem.

    I have tested now several browsers and they all behave in exactly the same way. This isn't just an odd way Opera handles cookies as you seem to think. Cookies are deleted when clearing private data and local storage cookies only when the browser is closed (if this cookie option has been set in the browser options).

    I do think you are worrying unnecessarily. Cookies only store the data that we volunteer to give, like the aforementioned username and password - note, if you sign up to a website, you are already volunteering to share this information. A cookie might enable a site like Facebook to send us targeted ads but as we get to use these sites for free and businesses have to make money, this is a small and relatively harmless price to pay. Just remember, when you clear the browsing data and close the browser, all that cookie information gets deleted.

    If, however, you really don't want the locally stored cookies as you browse, you could always leave 'All cookies and site data' (found in the settings) open in a tab and click 'Delete all' (this is manually deleting) as you browse without having to close the browser.

  • Thank you again for your kind response!

    It might be that I'm worrying unnecessarily. I'm just not sure if the local storage cookies are flash-cookies which are used to identify users throughout sessions and browsers, hence my wish to be able to delete them simply.

    The thing about your last point is that it doesn't work. If I open "all cookies and site data" and then "delete all" it shows me an empty list as if everything was deleted, if I reopen "all cookies and site data" afterwards the local storage cookies are still there. That's what I ment before 🙂

  • This webpage, although a bit old, does mention how to block flash-cookies on your computer - hope it's still relevant. Personally, I don't have Flash installed on my PC.

  • @smakre123
    i confirm the problem, and it is a major privacy problem!

    Up to opera 47 all cookies and websitedatas (local-data) were deleted, with version 48 it is not possible to delete all data in a open session, and this a big privacy problem. It no matter what cookies/local-data can do for you, some are very helpful, but most of them just a hacking tool to destroy your privacy and makes you 100% transparent.

    Opera was always well known for their privacy-protection, but now with version 48 every one can see wich sites you have visited, even when you delete you browser-data/cookie/local-data, and this makes absolutely no sense at all.

    The only way to delete all datas is to close opera and restart, and this is not
    user-friendly and even not practical.

    Most opera users dont know that the deleted datas were not deleted, as befor in the older opera-versions.

    Open letter to all opera developers:
    please respect the privacy of your users and remove this major privacy problem!