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Sudden problem with SAVE AS box

  • I wasn't referring to the actual saving of pages, just to the way that Opera indicates to the user that a page has in fact just been saved

    Opera doesn't indicate that a page was saved, it just indicates that something - in this case the page - was downloaded.

    Chrome puts the words of the page title in a small rectangle at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and leaves it there,

    It just happens that Chrome's download dialog appears there, it's not something specific for saved pages.

    In fact I'm not even sure if saved pages should be listed as downloads.

    If I'm using Opera, however, the debate continues... and continues... and continues, because my innate laziness wants me to just move on, to keep me from the unnecessary effort of trying to save it a second time

    You can see if you already saved it by opening the downloads list.

  • I said, "I wasn't referring to the actual saving of pages, just to the way that Opera indicates to the user that a page has in fact just been saved"

    To which you, leocg, replied, "Opera doesn't indicate that a page was saved, it just indicates that something - in this case the page - was downloaded."

    leocg, I think even a "Philadelphia Lawyer" couldn't make a distinction so fine! I congratulate you on pointing out a difference so subtle, so nuanced that I'm left agog!!

    However, I must say that in this particular case, the distinction you made DOESN'T APPLY, because the download was INITIATED by the act of Saving the page-- therefore, the downloaded page has to have been saved as well!

    And the same is true with Chrome-- so effectively all these downloaded pages are also saved.

    Now, to move on to your much more substantive, relevant, and important point-- you say, "You can see if you already saved it by opening the downloads list."

    My initial reaction upon reading your words was to frown, shake my head, and mutter, "That would be just as inconvenient as finding out by trying to save the page a second time!" But then I thought, "Well, wait a second. If I open the Download Page once-- when I first open Opera at the beginning of the session--and leave it open, then all I have to do to see if I've already saved a page is to click on the Downloads tab and see what the latest download is!" (I checked, and the Downloads Page, once opened, automatically updates itself with each additional saved page!)

    Now, admittedly, that isn't quite as easy as glancing down to the bottom of the screen, as I do in Chrome, but hey, even someone as crotchety as I has to happily acknowledge that your suggestion improves the situation enormously by eliminating half of the wasted time, and three quarters of the wasted physical movement of the method I'd been using (trying to SAVE the page to see if I'd already done it). So, congratulations, leocg-- although I'd still like Opera to do what Chrome does and list all saved pages at the bottom of the screen, you've presented me with an acceptable alternative in the meantime. You know, without your suggestion, leocg, I would have had to consider abandoning Opera, as much as I like it for other reasons, because these constant internal debates were driving me crazy!!

  • Click on the icon in the corner over there that indicates download status - you get a list of the 8 most recent downloads. Not enough - or want more details? Click on the Show more button to get the Downloads tab (also available from the main menu or the sidebar) where you can see dozens of your recent downloads. What advantage is Chrome's system giving you?

  • sgunhouse, I have to admit that complaining further (now that you've improved-- through streamlining-- the already good suggestion of leocg) verges on nitpicking! Since I have had a lifelong visceral dislike of the nitpicking kind of complainer (also known as the 'petulant whiner'!), the last thing I want to do is BECOME one of them!! Nonetheless, you challenged me, in the last sentence of your post, by asking, "What advantage is Chrome's system giving you?" and I won't evade your question or lie in response to it: To slide the pointer from some random spot on the screen all the way to the upper right hand corner where the download status icon is takes about two seconds of activity on the touch pad, then a click, then perhaps a half a second wait for the recent download list to descend. I've already freely confessed (no threats or torture necessary!) that such a procedure is quick enough to silence serious complaints about it, but it is still not remotely comparable to the speed and ease of Chrome's, WHICH REQUIRES NO TIME OR EFFORT AT ALL!!! Nothing but a GLANCE is necessary with Chrome! C'mon sgunhous, as much of a partisan of Opera as you are-- and, hey, I've mentioned in a previous post that I love it too, it's become the browser I use the most!-- you have to admit that, in that one particular respect, Chrome's system is ideal-- honestly, sgunhouse, it's perfect. And as I already explained-- at great length!-- Chrome's system fills a very important need for people like me who habitually save pages using only about 17 neurons, which are really acting entirely on their own-- certainly without conscious awareness-- and who therefore requires having a way of checking up on those 17 neurons and confirming that they've done the job. A confirmation method that is both instantaneous and effortless is ideal. Only Chrome provides that.

    To repeat: I still love Opera... but I'd love it even more if Opera incorporated into itself that feature of Chrome.

  • Ideal is subjective. I don't need notifications to stay open until I click on them, for me that would count as "clutter". And no need to apologize - everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  • I know of no extension in Opera that will cause a list of downloads to be displayed automatically after something was downloaded. Opera 12 had a download list which opened in a new tab (which was useful because you could get to it in the same way as you'd move from tab to tab). In the new Opera, you can open the Downloads list by pressing Ctrl+J (and you can customise that shortcut).

  • but I'd love it even more if Opera incorporated into itself that feature of Chrome.

    You can always ask for it in Suggestions Box.

  • ugcheleuce, your suggestion inspired me-- someone rarely inspired in the cyber-realm!-- to not just follow your recommendation but to add to it in order to make it even more effective at achieving my objective! So I googled "How to customize keys in Opera" and followed the instructions. I wanted to reduce the effort required to conjure up the Downloads list, so that instead of having to use two keys-- Control + J-- I added j (WITHOUT the Control key) as a Downloads list shortcut. But then, when I wanted to create another one-key shortcut to instruct the computer to close the Downloads list tab, I ran into a problem. First I designated k to be that key-- but it didn't work. Then I tried l, but again it didn't work. Why? At first I was mystified, but then I noticed there was a box on the Downloads list page "Search Downloads" and the k and then the l were simply appearing in that box. So I then looked for a suitable Function Key-- one that had alternative ways of achieving whatever that Function Key did in Basic Shortcuts-- and I selected F8. First, I X'd out F8 as a shortcut for that purpose in Basic Shortcuts, and then typed F8 in as an additional shortcut for the Close Tab command. I immediately tested it out, saving a page on Opera, and then, after a while, pressing J to make the Downloads list appear, and then F8 to go back to the prior tab. To my slight surprise and utter delight, it worked perfectly. So thank you ugcheleuce for your marvelously helpful post-- you make my craving for what Chrome does to be incorporated into Opera even less urgent than it was-- although I still wish it were so. And, hard as it is to believe, I'd never before customized a shortcut--and its reversal-- and it's really interesting (and satisfying!) to see how easily a mere vaporous desire can be converted into a concrete reality with a few properly directed clicks and keystrokes!

    leocg, how often do suggestions left in the Suggestion Box actually lead to a change in Opera? (I hate doing things that are destined to almost certainly prove futile!)

    By the way, leocg, I followed your directions re how to Edit Preferences in order to receive an email notification when someone has responded to a post, and it worked-- but only once! Four of the five comments that have been posted in this thread since I made the change-- including two of three of yours-- have not led to notifications to my gmail address! Isn't that a surprising malfunction of the Opera notification system?

  • Is it? The system notifies you that you received a reply, but then doesn't notify you again until you've read that thread. They don't want to flood your email if there's 20 replies or if you're on vacation.

  • how often do suggestions left in the Suggestion Box actually lead to a change in Opera?

    Don't know, there don't seem to be statistics on it. But I know that many of them did.

    A suggestion being accepted or not may depend on a lot of factors.