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Latest Opera update and unstable "flickering?"

  • Hi all,

    Within the past week, maybe days? I am now up to 48.0.2685.35 (PGO) - Opera is up to date. One day I checked for updates and it installed one, then a day or so later it updated again. I have noticed a flickering to black screen and what appears to be like a refreshing of the same page. In other words, I came here to the forums and the page came up, then it like refreshed, I am not quick enough but it appears to go black for less than a second. Then too, when I bring up Opera via the taskbar, Opera goes black, hesitates and then appears. Actually in all the years I have been running a PC, I haven't seen this kind of thing. Hardware-monitor problem yes, software no. I cringe every time it happens which is every time I minimize Opera to the taskbar and click it to come up. Now I am noticing it does it when you bring up any page on the web. I think something is going major wrong with the PC but it's only Opera that has this behavior. Anyone else run into this or have any ideas? I have NOT changed, added, deleted anything since this started. As I think about it, the minimizing then bringing up Opera did have a black screen after the first update, but I didn't think much about it. I may have thought it was a minor glitch in Opera and the second update was going to fix it? Not on the computer much It was running fine before the two updates that were about a day apart to bring me to 48.0.2685.35. I don't spend much time on the computer anymore, maybe an hour a day.

  • This particular forum does refresh as a way to log you in - you may notice that before the refresh you still the "Sign in" button, but afterwards it is replaced by your avatar. It should only happen just after you sign in though, once you are signed in it should not happen again. So ... any other examples?

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. I mentioned this forum as an example. It comes to this page then a less than a split second of black screen, then the page stabilizes. You are referring to what happens AFTER what I mention. This is not a refresh for the avatar. This happens on all web pages. Even when "locked" on a site if I go to a page within it, it does it too. When I navigate to any page this happens. It happens when bringing up speed dial, favorites, anything really. Even when I minimize Opera and say check Outlook or go to Notepad then bring up Opera again it goes black screen. I am not sure what it is, but it's annoying, like something is wrong but taking its time to finally bite the dust, die, go belly up. lol Like I said in my post it started to happen at the first update, then continued doing the same after the next update which brought me to the version in my post. -Chuck

  • Any difference if you disable hardware acceleration in settings?

  • Actually, I thought of that and makes no difference. Up to this point it, it hasn't crashed anything. The behavior though, looks like it will lead to that. I am miffed at this. Does Opera have the capability of rolling back before the problem started? Could it be some unstable file?

  • Same issue here.
    Since some days ago I started to see strange flickering squares on some pages. I think mainly on Google products?
    Surely I saw them on Google Drive and Google Tag Manager.

    Here a pic of the issue:

    Opera version: 48.0.2685.35 (PGO)