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  • It is very simple.
    I am sure lot of users are using "Find in page", but it is very annoying that it closes itself when loading another page. For example, I want to find something on certain website or whatever, but I need to load next page, and next page, and so on until I find it. But every time I go on to the next page, "Find in page" tab closes by itself and then I need to go again - menu - page - find in page. Okay, there is also Ctrl+F function, but you still need to type again everything.
    It would be much better if it would just stay there with word that I am looking for. Firefox has this, it doesn't close by itself and it is there with whatever you type inside, until you decide to close it. Much much faster when looking for something that isn't listed on a very first page.

  • You can use F3.

  • You still need to type text or whatever every time new page loads, so every time F3 then you start typing and only then looking through results.

    It would be better if developers would just correct their small mistakes, such as this one, instead of always trying to "teach" users how to do it with 10 steps every time.

  • You still need to type text or whatever every time new page loads

    Nope, unless you want to change the search term.

  • Just make it doesn't auto close as it is case with other browsers, and all is solved. Or keep your head in sand, it's up to you.

  • What difference does it make if you can see it?

  • I for example hate other browsers habit to keep page search open - does that make me hiding my head in sand???

  • In Firefox, for example, the search box remains open when moving to a new tab, but: it doesn't automatically perform the search. You have to perform an action to trigger the search: you have to press F3 again, or you have to click it again. This is not very different from with the current Opera: you have to press F3, and then Opera automatically performs the previous search.