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snooping in my life, possible oversensitivity to begging

  • Mac os 1010.5 opera 47,

    Hello. is there a way to get the salivating snoopers out of my life when I open a page like Youtube? The idea of these creeps trying to guess what I am going to buy, or possibly choose to look at is nauseating. Where are the pop up and add blockers?? It's worse than walking around over dressed in a third world country.

    I am beginning to see the sleeze of the "more of everything, right now dammit!" ethos everywhere I go on line. This is going to kill the internet faster than smelly pickpockets grabbing at your clothing or worse. I can not be the only one shaking his head at what is stinking up the neighborhood... Can I? I spend as much time trying to avoid this ether/ofal as I do reading .


  • Opera does block pop-ups and ads, if those options are enabled in settings. Mind you, it doesn't block all ads simply because it can't recognize all ads, and if you wish there are also ad-blocking extensions available. Also you can enable "Do not track" in settings, but most sites seem to ignore it anyway.

  • sgunhouse , thanks for the help. The `can't recognize all adds' explains some of what I'm whinning about. Do you know why websites are able to ignore do not track requests? I remember a while back in about the middle of my Firefox use, sites used to squeal like little piggies about the no track feature then in place on FF. They would make you wait extra time before you could access some of these sites. if you had no tracking activated.

    In all fairness I must say I very much appreciate the stuff that does get removed by Opera


  • A "Do Not Track" request is just that - a request. The ad-blocker will block some trackers, but for example the site you are visiting has to be able to see you. Likewise if you're a Facebook user you may want that Like button everyone seems to have these days, even though the button itself is a tracker (even if you never click it). Any of the others - Twitter, Google+, etc., are the same. Additionally as I'm sure you knew, all the Google ads are, or Yahoo, or any of the other big name ad servers.

    "Do Not Track" is the name of a special header you can tell the browser to send to websites, but it is just a request. It isn't like being on a Do Not Call list, where the government will fine them if people complain that companies are actually calling them. If a company chooses to ignore Do Not Track, the only penalty they face is from people who might then decide to quit Facebook or not use Google. And while many people don't use Google, Facebook is probably not worried about people quitting. So I don't even bother with Do Not Track - but it is there.

  • Again thank you, From the very first moment of LIKE I thought it was as juvenile as it could get. It's all gone down hill from there. Those sites are all just HIT bordellos as far as I'm concerned. Huge, if not criminal, waste of band width.

    I very much appreciate you helping me move in the direction of a clue.


  • I find that uBlock Origin is a very good ad-, tracker-, and nuisance-blocker. Just add any subscription that you want to use by checking a check box.