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  • Opera has started redirecting to cites other than what's on the speed dial. I've erased the cookies and history file but it still does it. Anyone have a fix?

  • You need to better explain the problem. Please follow the guide on how to report problems in Opera.

  • Open tabs will change to another cite, usually prono or advertisements. This seems to be a common problem and is a virus from what I can tell by searching for answers. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that most "solutions" on the Google search are themselves vehicles for installing viruses, etc. If I could find a way to save only the URL's of the cites on my speed dial, I would just reinstall opera. I tried reinstalling opera and first saving the folder "Opera Stable" and replacing the new "Opera Stable" with the saved version, but the problem persisted.

  • Uninstalling Opera will not remove the virus or adware, since it is not in Opera. Solve the real problem first.

  • Reinstalling or removing won't remove the virus - if it's a virus.

    First, sweep your system with a good antimalware program.
    Second, check the properties of the icons and launchers you start the browser with - there should be nothing after .exe there.
    Third, it's "site" 😉

    If nothing found, come back with more info.

  • You need to check for viruses and malware no matter what. I'd start with checking the HOSTS file, proxy settings and the TCP/IP IP and DNS settings for your LAN/WIFI adapters to make sure nothing has hijacked those. But, you still need to do full scans with anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

    However, I'd check Opera to make sure none of your extensions are causing it. I'd also try with a whole new profile via the USB/Standalone installation in the Opera installer. That way you can test fresh program files (and a fresh profile) in a folder on you desktop. Some malware used to target old Opera's files, so it's not unheard of. It does sound like something more system-wide in your case though.

  • The problem is in Opera because it doesn't occur when using Edge. All i need to know is how to get a list of the Speed Dial sites so that when I do a reinstall I can reassemble the Speed Deal start page.

  • Speeddial entries are stored in the "Bookmarks" file in the roaming profile folder.

  • The problem is in Opera because it doesn't occur when using Edge

    The problem may be happening only in Opera - Is Opera your default browser? - but it's not an Opera issue. Did you check your system for malwares?

  • The speeddial entries may be stored there, but the file appears to be progamming language. No matter, I just manually copied all the websites and put them in a notepad file. I'm reinstalling the OS system, it's easier in the long run than trying to follow a thousand suggestions. Just thought there would be an easier way to list the speeddial sites.

  • Copying the file would have been easier.

  • but the file appears to be progamming language

    It's JSON. It's just Javascript object code to store the data (as opposed to doing it with an ini file, XML file or HTML file for example).

    Just thought there would be an easier way to list the speeddial sites.

    As suggested, after wiping out Opera's profile (which you're doing be reinstalling the OS) and reinstalling Opera, you'd just replace the current Bookmarks file with your old one.

    However, doing it the way you're doing by just keeping the list in a text file and adding the speeddials manually again will ensure that the new Bookmarks file isn't messed up or hijacked in any way. If you still have the old file though, you can look through it to see if there are any URLs to some of the sites you were being redirected to.

    As others have said, even though it is only happening in Opera, it is still possible (at least) that it is something outside of Opera. But, since you're wiping everything out, that should doesn't matter.