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  • So in order to sync my data I'm told to enter a passphrase...if I forget the passphrase I should reset..but then I reset, I lose all my data and it still asks me for the SAME passphrase. It doesn't reset anything, just wipes the data? I never even set up the passphrase (which is not password etc) in the first place! How am I supposed to backup/sync my data if I can't long in without a non existent passphrase.

  • If at some point you changed your password, it'll ask you for the old password.

  • I just foolishly reset my data on the server having forgotten the passphrase and 55 minutes in it is still supposedly deleting the data off the server, effectively leaving me in limbo on all my copies of Opera so I well understand your frustration. At one time, I used to rave about how good opera was along with how quick and easy it was to solve problemss. How the mighty have fallen. I mean, where to go to get a response to a problem, any response.

  • I'm having the same issue. Reset sync data, but it's still asking for a passphrase. According to sgunhouse, it's supposed to ask for my old password but it's not.

  • Start using Keepass... 🙄

  • @sskakam Did you ever set a pass-phrase? Did you change your Opera account password recently? Did you change or reinstall your OS?

  • @zalex108 Thanks for a useful response.

    @leocg No, I never set a passphrase. I did not change my password recently. I built a new computer though, so this issue was only happening to the new installation of windows on that computer. It actually fixed itself overnight so it seems that it just takes some time for the reset sync to work? Regardless, it's not an issue for me anymore. Thanks for the help though.

  • @sskakam Did you move your saved passwords from one computer to the other using sync only?

  • @leocg I don't think I did. All I did was sign into my account, which I successfully did. Then it asked me for a passphrase, which I never set up. After two sync resets, it then asked me if I wanted to set a passphrase or if I wanted to sync using my login credentials. I chose to use my login credentials so hopefully I'll never have to see the passphrase again.