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  • I'd very much like to change the way opera looks. It would also be nice to have ALL of my book marks imported when I hit that button. I am 73 and not a power user but have been using computers since 95 when I ran screaming to the Mac operating system. I am not fond of changes to my castle. Or my browsing habits. Or my browser. I want my opera page to have the bookmarks bar occupy the same turf it occupied in FIRESAlE or whatever it was called. It's gone forever because of crass consumerism and relentless begging. i.e. "common now we know you looked at this four times BUY IT C'mon BUY Something!. It's like walking in nice clothing in a third world country..... ultra creepy

    I'm trying opera because I can not abide unbidden marketing in my face or my computer. Its MINE.

    So I'd like my book marks bar to occupy the same space it always did. And all my book marks back. And please, all the happy colored boxes gone for ever. I can find my way to where I need to go. But I don't have the savvy to do these things in a new browser. If after all my whining, anyone can offer any suggestions I'd be stoked. And thanks for stopping by.


  • You can change the boxes to images if you prefer, and you can set Opera to start with a specific page (or set of pages) or to just start up with the same pages it had when you last closed it (commonly called "continue from last time). If you're trying to get rid of the start page completely ... not certain, but there may be an extension which will do that. Otherwise, when you open a new tab or window it opens with your speed dials.

    I'll presume you meant Firefox - not completely certain, but I think it should import all your bookmarks, and should import your bookmarks bar. Not sure where it was in Firefox to say if it'll be in the same place in Opera, but it can't be moved.

    As far as the actual details, I wouldn't expect that sort of behavior from Firefox itself - perhaps you've been infected by some adware extensions?

  • So far the newly imported bookmarks haven't changed. But many of them are on a page full glitzy boxes. What ever happened to View AS LIst? what a waste of realestate or virtual estate if you wish.

    I really don't mind reading if I can find something on the topic I need but endless browsing to find answers is not my idea of a great time. i.e. i have yet to see a FAQ that is not a commercial for the app in question. It's completely transparent that it's more about ahhhh more..... of everything and a little about helping. I realize my views are skewed heavily by my life experiences and am not looking to change anyone's mind about anything.

    Where might I read something about lists that is factual and not sales oriented? I don't think they are the lists I mention in View As List.

    It's likely my frustration is from my lack of understanding of the new terms, and crowded screens of boxs and their reason for even existing. Lists in alphabetical order are to die for as far as I am concerned. That can be navigate in a hurry. Endless pages of boxes can not. Not by me anyway.

    I'm grateful for your time and patience s.gunhouse. It's not my intent to belittle anyone's preferences, I'm hoping the reader will just write them off as opinions.


  • View as list is one of the buttons at the top of the bookmarks page (the three on the left are large icons, small icons, and list). Default is not sorted, to sort a folder right-click on it in the left column and select Sort alphabetically. No easy way to change the whole thing to alphabetical lists though - each folder needs to be switched manually. (Yes, there are feature requests for a way to change it all at once, but hasn't happened yet.)

    In reality the big boxes started on phones - for touchscreens you need something large enough to be easy to tap. Now that many computers also have touchscreens they may make some sense, but my pointer is more precise and doesn't require me to move my arm so much, so I prefer lists too.

  • You just changed my Opera using Life to something I can work with. That's a big deal to me. Large quantities gratitude!