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  • Hi! I want to say firstly that I don't speak english but I tried.
    I have a little problem with my Searchbar (linkbar) when I search something I'm automatically redirected to
    I look everywhere in the settings and I find nothing. I just want to search my things on or
    I hope that you can find a solution.
    Thank you

  • What is your actual location (country)? Opera asks Google where you are and redirects you accordingly. It is possible to edit a file and change the location setting, if you change your location to say you are in the US you would get

  • I'm actually in Belgium. It's a desk computer so he never change of place.
    When I go to google maps, he give me the good location.
    Where is the special file to edit?

    Thanks for all!

  • Where is the special file to edit?

    It's 'Local State' in Opera's profile folder. You can find the path to profile in Menu > About Opera.

    You need to change the country code in the following lines:


  • The problem stay the same... When I change the code and I save it I don't have any problems.
    After when I open Opera, I see my mouse loading something and It doesn't work.
    The code change by him self...

    Sorry if I'm a bit confusing when I explain.

  • Did you allow Google to get your location by chance?

  • 'Local State' workaround doesn't work anymore, for months.

    [Mod warning: Stop spamming.]

  • Sorry, I don't have any mic. Do you can send me the link of the extention? Or maybe explain me how I can install it?

    Thanks guys for your help!