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  • Hi all,
    I've seen a couple of posts on this subject but there's no clear answer to it. How can I force Opera to use Flash Player instead of HTML5? The reason I wanna do this is because on HTML5-played videos, on YouTube, I can't set any other resolution than 360p, no higher, no lower. I understand some months ago you could force Opera to use flash by joining the HTML5 trial and then leaving it, or something like that; not anymore. I tried some addons like YouTube Center, but these apps are messing up YouTube; they come with a plethora of useless and destructive features which...are messing up YTB like...the lower controls bar (the one at the bottom, have no clue how it's called) won't autohide when in fullscreen, also, each time I open a video page, it'll refresh once, for some reason. I don't know why HTML5 is so much better for YouTube than flash, when in fact it is just a piece of...well...
    I don't want any fancy apps with 10 trillions of functions for YTB, I just want to use Flash instead of HTML5. And YES I'm sure this happens on ALL vids played with HTML5, it's not that I only watch videos that are simply not available in a higher resolution. The very same videos, which ARE available in 720p or 1080p can be played at those resolutions on Firefox because Fox is using Flash, not HTML5.
    How do you guys do it? Do you use Opera to browse YTB? If so, are you able to select any other resolution than 360p? If so, do you use Flash? If so how?:lol:
    Thank you so much!

  • I finally got it working with one of those 10 trillion features apps, it's called YouTube Options, but still, it's weird that it takes an addon to be able to normally watch a video on Youtube with Opera.

  • Not like the browser can do anything about website choices, either it gehts a <video> tag for html5 video or an <embed> for a plugin. If the site decides to serve the new Op a html5-video tag it is essentially a problem with the sites coding (as much as I personally dislike the new Op, ist not their fault).

    PS: personally I am sticking to 12.16 for now.

  • You can go to and opt out directly ...

  • Thanks for replies! I too had been sticking with Op 12 but it's just not compatible with some newer sites...or it works jerky; so I tried the ultimate, the one, the only CHROME - the slowest browser I've ever tried, it could be because of many apps I installed but with so many common-sense features missing, I simply couldn't browse without those apps. Then I came back to Op 12...then I got to experience (again) the incompatibility of Op12 with the newer generation sites. THEN...intelligence struck me...the new version of Op is based on Chromium, so Chrome apps HAVE to work on Op...I was right, I'm a genius:lol:
    This YTB issue appears to be the final issue, which has been solved now (it appears so). One thing I don't get...since Chrome and Op are both based on Chromium, why is Op so much faster than Chrome?
    @sgunhouse: On that page, it says that "The default player is currently used." I can't opt out, never mind though.