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Default search engine displays all the results in Spanish

  • Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I followed the FAQ to change the default country, but for some reason it's not working and I have no idea what I missed, here are the steps that I did:

    1. opened Opera, went to Settings > Privacy & Security > Privacy > Clear browsing data and checked Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files and selected from beginning of time, and pressed Clear browsing data button.

    2. closed Opera

    3. changed Local State file as instructed, and the new data is "location":{"country":"us","country_from_server":"US", but when I open Opera again, the search still shows in Spanish and on the right hand side, there's a pop up message asking if you want to change to English.

    Did I miss some steps?

  • Sometimes editing lines in this file isn't good idea because of bad file coding after saving. Simple editors doesn't respect original file coding.

    Try to change "Local State" file to "Local State Old".

  • Sorry, I'm lost, what happens if I just change the name of the file, I suspect that Google uses your location to direct their advertising, so if I'm living in Spain, every single time, Google will use your current location to direct their ads, if you don't "hard code" your preferred location in a file. Am I missing something?

  • Something similar. They are tracking your Locale and information related to nearby vendors or accessible vendors. If you want the content to be displayed in English all the time, either use explicitly and nothing else, or try changing your Windows Locale from Spain to UK or US.

  • What is your default search engine? If Google, it's using or it's redirecting to some local Google page?

    What editor are you using to edit 'Local State'? I recommend using Notepad++.

    Also, did you change the site preferences to show results in English for you?

  • That's right, I'm using Google, and already tried to use, it changed EVERY SINGLE time to

    Yes, I'm using Notepad++ for editing, after changed the file, went back to confirm, and it showed location":{"country":"us","countryfromserver":"US", which I assume the change is accepted, but still when I try to do a search, Spanish google came up and not in US, what else can I do?

    Yes, the preference has been changed too.

  • Here goes one more unhappy Google user, I'm replacing Google with DuckDuckGo, tired of doing things their way, regardless of user feedback, already dropped gmail, now it's Google search, Google will be the next MS!!!!

  • what else can I do?

    Try cleaning cache and cookies. Also disable geolocation for Google.

  • Can you please tell me how to disable Google's geolocation? I've tried cache and cookies to no avail. As far as I know, Google won't let you change it, I've tried also change settings, and also useless, everytime you shut down the pc, it goes back to Spanish, it's like a nightmare that never goes away.

  • Can you please tell me how to disable Google's geolocation?

    Did you ever allowed it? Check in settings > Sites > Local > Manage exceptions.

  • I don't remember allowing it, but you never know, those crappy sites are sneaky, they install/enable it by using small prints or during updates.

    Sorry, I don't have sites under setting, when I click on settings (right side bottom) in google search, I have the following options:
    Search settings
    Advanced search
    Search help
    Send feedback
    but no Sites, if I can attach a screenshot, I can show you what I meant, are you using Windows 10? It shouldn't matter which OS, it's in the browser.

  • Sorry, I don't have sites under setting, when I click on settings (right side bottom) in google search

    We are talking about Opera's settings.

  • Sorry, under Settings > Websites > Location > Ask me when a site tries to track my physical location (recommended) was selected, now I changed it to Do not allow any site to track my physical location.

    Also, under Manage Exceptions there's one entry:, and under Behavior shows block, so I assume it'll block Google ES to track me, right?

  • so I assume it'll block Google ES to track me, right?

    Yep but it may also mean that the redirection is not related to geolocation.

    Can you try adding and see what happens?