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Backing Up Bookmarks Bar, Stash and Speeddial?

  • Okay, for the Bookmarks Bar, I take it saving the Bookmarks file in the Opera Stable folder would do it?
    Is that correct?


    What about for backing up the Stash?
    I see in there a Stash Data Base file ... and a stash.db-journal file.
    Would saving either one of those do the trick? Or would I need to save both?

    I think that it's better to save both files.

    How about for backing up the Speeddial? I'm not seeing any file in there that appears to be for saving the Speeddial.

    As said, favorites* .*

  • The Favorites, huh? Yeah, that crossed my mind.
    There are 2 Favorites files. So, I'll save the 2 Favorites files, the 2 Stash files and the Bookmarks file.

    Thanks, lem729.

  • Thanks for the confirmation, leocg.
    I just barely saw your comment right after I submitted my last reply.

  • How about just backing up the entire profile folder?

  • I don't see any Profile folder.
    All the files I have mentioned, are in the Opera Stable folder.
    Supposedly that Opera Stable folder is 4.67 Meg. Not bad.
    I just wouldn't want to do something that doesn't actually work. You know ... like if maybe with just simply copying & pasting that entire Opera Stable folder something got copied & pasted that wasn't supposed to and caused a new install of Opera 20 to not function properly.

  • In fact, upon seeing all the other files and folders that are in that Opera Stable folder, I don't think it'd be a good idea to copy & paste the entire Opera Stable folder into a new Opera 20 install. By doing that, there's much more chance of corrupting the new install if the current / old install got corrupt.

    So, it makes more sense to just simply copy & paste the absolute minimum amount of files that will transfer your Bookmarks Bar, Stash and Speeddial to your new Opera 20 install.

  • Well, you could save it all. Just copy over the few files you need. But if you decide there's something more you want, well, then you have the whole profile. 🙂

  • I don't see any Profile folder.
    All the files I have mentioned, are in the Opera Stable folder.

    Which is the profile folder. Check About > Opera.

  • You guys suddenly motivated me to save my profile in a Flash drive. I saved it all. 🙂 Thanks for posting the question Suntana.

  • You have a point, lem729. I just might do that ... save the entire Opera Stable folder ... just in case.

    Ahhh, I do see that now about the Opera Stable folder being the Profile folder, leocg. Thanks for the heads up.

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