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  • Decided to make the switch from Chrome to check this out, but due odd circumstances I had to use both browsers for a bit. Going to combine the bookmarks now but found out I can't export bookmarks? is this 1996?

    I went to the Opera help area which doens't have a way to search through because everyone knows people online prefer to read through pages instead of just finding the answer quickly.

    I found where Opera says to export bookmarks. It sounds easy, all you have to do is go to export data under settings. Except guess what? There is no export data button!

    The best solution is to export bookmarks with an add on that will flatten my nested folders, which makes sense because people don't often use nested folders when they have hundreds of bookmarks.

    My advice to the makers of Opera, please try using your product and you will see how frustrating things are. Then maybe you will hire higher someone who is not from he late 90's and knows how people actually use browsers.

    What a frustrating experience, goodbye Opera you useless piece of.. well, you know

  • I'm afraid that as often happens the help files you've been reading only apply to the old Opera versions before the Chromium-based version was started with version 15.
    If you want to transfer your Opera bookmarks to another Chromium-based browser like Google Chrome all you should have to do is transfer the "bookmarks" file from Opera's profile folder to Chrome's profile folder.
    I agree that not providing the usual native bookmarks export feature in Opera is a strange decision on the part of the developers, but hardly a reason to condemn the whole browser. I believe that this functionality can be provided by an extension anyway.

  • I believe that 2 years ago, you posted virtually the same problem complaint (less the obscenities) :
    And received much the same advice, though perhaps not quite as clearly as @davehawley provided this time.

  • I was just reading where Millenials are just astoundingly impatient with things!

  • They do have an export option in Developer, so it is coming.

  • No F.. words.