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Info for those using Edge

  • Firstly, my default browser is Opera but like other users occasionally use other browsers. I apologise for posting this here.

    Many users of Windows 10 (version 1703) have been frustrated by MS Edge crashing within 15 seconds of opening.

    Solution found, albeit temporary.

    Switch off "Trusteer Endpoint Protection" and you'll find no problem.

    Have reported the issue to Microsoft this morning to request a fix as I like to keep Trusteer running.

    Hope this info assists my Opera friends, albeit unrelated to Opera.

  • Technically, goes in Lounge. Moved.

  • Technically, goes in Lounge. Moved.

    Hi sgun, thanks for moving my information post. Wasn't certain which forum to place it but knew you guys would see to it if not correct. 🆙

  • It would appear Microsoft and IBM Trusteer Rapport have known about the conflict between Edge/Rapport for quite some time.

    From your chosen search engine type "#11975881" (without quotes).

    From there you will find Microsoft and IBM Trusteer confirmed the issue ages ago. All makes an interesting read.

  • If one reads the entire dialogue, they'll find this is not just happening on systems that also run Trusteer Rapport, though that software seems to preferentially trigger it. It apparently began after an MS/Edge update a few months back, and seems to occur even in new installs and MS install disks that incorporate those latest updates. Fortunately, it seems not to happen to many users or else there would be a deluge of reports in that thread. Hence it seems to imply either an odd hardware-software or peculiar software-software situation is bringing a potential crash triggering combination to the surface.

  • Hi blackbird, I did a more extensive search over and above the reference I mentioned, and did indeed find there had been a deluge of reports regarding Edge and Trusteer. You will have noticed that Trusteer themselves suggested to switch off their own product to avoid Edge crashing, which only serves to highlight weaknesses.

    The essential point I was making (and I read dialogues in many places), is these massive companies have known and confirmed the issue, for a long time, yet don't appear in any hurry to fix or patch - at least that's the impression I get.

    But as Opera has been my default browser since the 90's, it doesn't much bother me. On the other hand, if it turns out Microsoft have shipped a bad OS (v1703), they need to address it, but I do intend asking Microsoft to reinstall OS (v1703) onto my new laptop to see if it solves the issue, and if it does, they'll need to do the same for all those affected, perhaps.

  • Found a FIX to IBM Trusteer crashing Edge browser issue. (OS: Win10 Home v1703).

    Carry out the following fix if it's happening with you.

    • COMPLETELY uninstall IBM Trusteer and all its data from installed programs. (I use IObit uninstaller for this).

    • Edge browser will no longer crash.

    • Open Edge browser and download/install Trusteer from the official IBM site (follow the dialogue boxes).

    • Following download/install, restart PC.

    • Open Edge browser to check all's well (and it should be), and customise your settings.

    • Go to start, find Trusteer, and switch it on.

    • Open Trusteer and customise (eg: the tray icon is hidden, but I prefer to show its tray icon).

    • And that's it my Opera friends, you should now have Edge browser and Trusteer working in harmony without problem.

    This works for me, but anything you delete or download is at your own risk. :yes:

    With this said, Opera remains my default browser. 🙂