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Let's stop this war

  • As for the economic side I think Blackbird did it to perfection, although it does beg the question of the aim of Opera releasing a free browser to grow its market share then would not splitting their community due to removal of features not lower the market share swiftly ?

    An accurate response would require access to the desktop market analysis and projections on which Opera based their ultimate decisions, which none of us humble users have. However, just as an illustration, if Opera hopes and aims to attract ~6% of the Chrome/IE/Firefox "naive" user universe with a redesigned, refocused browser, and if all the prior Old Opera ~3% market share comprised expert/loyal Opera users, that would result in roughly a net doubling of market share and share-related revenue. From a business standpoint, that would result in remarkable growth, even if it cost Opera all its prior expert/loyal user base.

    On the other hand, all the design/upgrade effort in the world would be wasted in terms of revenue growth if the vast number of users not already using Opera don't really care about the features/options added by such a design effort.

    The real question is where the user market truly lies in terms of browser features and configurability profile that would attract a sufficiently large share of currently non-Opera users so as to result in major revenue growth for the browser maker. I don't have that answer, and one person's conjecture is of little more value than the next person's. However, the expert/loyal user base is of the belief that their features and browser profile needs are being abandoned in a futile attempt to chase market share, and that is the source of their outcry. Unfortunately for such users, what really matters is the viewpoint that Opera has, since they're the one footing the bill for the development and the browser itself - so they call the shots.

    Again, I don't have to like the situation, but I do have to deal with the reality of it. I suggest others do likewise.

  • Opera Software ASA is free to do whatever they want with its browser. If they chose to left Presto, DEAL WITH IT. There is nothing you can do about it.

  • The funny thing is your so called war would probably be long over if not the same 4-5 people start defending Opera 15+ in any of the useless whining threads 😉

  • I know. All there would be would be a trashing of Opera. And when new people come online to try it, they'd read the forum and be poisoned before they took a fair look. There are a lot of people who do like the new Opera. Usually, people unhappy populate the forums.

  • I think the opposite.
    Whining would be uninteresting if theres no reaction.

  • Hay, it keeps it at the top of the list, you wouldnt want it all the way on the bottom or page 2 would you ?

  • WTF!!!!
    Always people hijacking all threads with anger about new Opera, with dumb wishes about gifting Operas source code and browser patents to OpenSource!

    My hint 4 u: Discuss such nonsense in the Lounge at

    If you want to troll, get an account at 4chan. There you can fullfill all your strange wishes.


  • Lets see the bright side - do you know another piece of software where people still complaining about there discontinuation after now nearly a year ?

    Must have been a very good software with no alternatives 😉

  • Good point. And the new product is also very very good. It's just different pluses and minuses compared to the old product. Opera is a talented company. The little engine that could . . . Give the new browser a chance, findkfn . . . 🙂

  • Ah, I see the rabble is out and about spreading lies, distortions and misinformation. One has to wonder why they continue to haunt a place they appear to hate so vehemently. Opera Presto is dead in terms of future development. Opera Blink is the new Opera. DEAL WITH IT.

    This is a prime example of missing the point. The Thread's name is "Let's Stop this War" yet calling people you disagree with rabble is not going to help that cause, as a matter of fact it very well could inflame the problem. Equally you state that they are spreading lies, distortions, and misinformation, yet offer no corrections or state what aspects of where the claims are false while providing citations to the accurate information. Also the Prestovists or old power users, do not hate Opera if they did then they would just walk already. It is simply that they loved Opera when it was Presto, and would like to see what they loved return in one fashion or another.


    I think in general terms the Widgets failed to gain traction and a mass following of development from the user base. I could of course be incorrect about the three features your mentioning as they were not features I used; however I believe that when they phased out Widgets they implemented extensions at about the same time. As for Unite I believe they only changed its name or Turbo or possibly Dragonfly ? As for voice I remember its addition but do not recall it being functional the few times I attempted to play with it. Either or you have at least started something I was hoping someone would do which is helping to list all features of the Presto versions of Opera. As I think that with a viable list of all the power features found in Presto, Lem729 could potentially offer a list of extensions that may be able to at least mimic those features for 20 and help calm some of the anger and disappointment due to the loss of those native features.

  • @Lem729
    Sorry your my current extension Guru, so I may have just signed you up for a horribly tedious task.

  • LOL... Let's see - according to the dictionary rabble means a: mob, crowd, throng, gang, swarm, horde, pack, mass and generally angry can be added as an appropriate adjective. Yes, indeed... we have among us a rabble who refuse to listen and simply whine on and on as though their whining will produce positive results. It won't. The so-called War is non-existent. Well, it exists insofar as there is disagreement between two groups but that is hardly a war. However, since the disagreement does exist (and in some cases it's downright nasty from the whining group), then here's a news flash for that gang. The War, as it were, is over. You've lost. Presto will not continue to be developed. Can you grasp that fact? Evidently while you enjoy likening yourselves to a power group of users, those who continue to complain and whine the loudest have difficulty grasping simple facts. So allow me to offer some constructive advice:

    • Continue to use whatever version of Opera Presto you currently use and be content
    • Install Opera 20+ alongside your current browser and watch its development with an OPEN MIND
    • Find an alternate browser and be content
    • Stop your whining, backbiting, blaming, prognosticating and just generally being tiresome trolls

    There you go. And I won't even charge you for this advice. BTW... Opera 20 is awesome.

  • Did this thread make it to page 2 yet ? Damn it's still the first one listed at the top 😞

  • Did this thread make it to page 2 yet ?

    I have to admit to enjoying your sense of humor. In real life, I think we could sit down, have a beer and enjoy a few laughs. 🙂

  • Yeah a beer sound good, good idea Leushino 🙂

  • A good beer and some reading in this forum and the blog is sometimes all you need to have some fun 🙂

    Im feeling back in the old Amiga vs Atari days....

  • Im feeling back in the old Amiga vs Atari days....

    Amiga was best, and you know it. 😃

  • I wish I still had my Commodore Amiga 2000. That was my first real computer (I'm not counting my sisters TRS-80, or the Commodore 64 I had), and the one I have the most fond memories of. I wouldn't trade it for what I have right now, but I would definitely love to fire it up again, and play some of the old classic games I had on it.

  • Amiga was best, and you know it. 😃

    Of course it was !!!

  • LOL, it got off the topic

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