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[Solved]Older version of Opera browsing problem?

  • My wife is attached to her Windows Vista Laptop and will not update to a newer machine/OS, She runs Opera 12? (something).
    The problem has just started, she cannot reach common sites that she has visited for years. Her speed Dial has about 40 entries/sites, and she can access many of them without problems, but a number including Google/Amazon/Wikipedia/Ebay and some others keep throwing up an error box saying that the site cannot be reached (unavailable) because of using a non existent re-direct.

    The URL is correct for all these sites? And she cannot reach any of them even via a search and typing out the URL in the top search bar?

    Any ideas please as to why this is happening, and a possible cure?

  • Are each of the Google/Amazon/Wikipedia/Ebay URL's she's trying to access prefixed with https, and is the redirect attempt toward a non-existent http version of the site(s)?

  • Oh, maybe the built-in speed dial links? Opera was partners with the sites it included links to, and as such got money from them whenever a user clicked the icon, but the actual counters may no longer exist and therefore the link would fail. If you try to go to any of the sites directly (by typing in the address), does it work properly? If so, just replace the original speed dials with new, direct ones.

  • blachbird71: It makes no difference if I use http or https, the site still cannot be reached?

    sgunhouse: Even typing the address does not work?

    The sites mentioned can be reached without problem using Internet Explorer? So there seems to be a problem with Opera 12, but my wife insists she has not changed anything, and I believe her because her knowledge of Opera is limited to using speeddial.

  • When one attempts to access a Google http-version URL, the website server by design will now attempt to automatically redirect them to the secure https version of the site. This auto-redirection is true for many other 'major' sites that now use https. If there is an inability (for whatever reason) for the browser to properly connect with the https server URL as redirected, then the user will get a redirect fail message. This will happen regardless of whether the http-version URL is being manually entered or from speed dial. The redirect fail message is what you described in your first post.

    If you attempt to manually access a Google https URL from the address bar or from a search result link, do you get the exact same failure to redirect error message or some other kind of failure to connect message?

    Not knowing which exact URLs are involved makes it a bit more difficult to parse out just what is going on. There are potential problems that can cause a redirect error and other kinds of problems with establishing even a direct https site connection, so it would be useful to know which is/are occurring here.

  • You weren't specific about version - is it 12.18 or a different version? Opera 12.18 (from last year) specifically added some newer security protocols, and will work with some sites that 12.16 or 12.17 will not.

  • As you can see from my posts above using http or https doesn't work and I get the same re-direct error box?
    The version of Opera is 12.18
    The fact that Internet Explorer works fine with these sites, seems to indicate a problem with Opera?


    Just used 12.18 (which I am now posting from) and visited all the above links (final address in the case of Google) without issue. Of course, that's on Win 10 rather than Vista, but it is not something the sites changed. Any new security software - a firewall that doesn't recognize Opera perhaps?

  • The point is that if you are manually entering an https address for Google, there should be no redirect occurring at all. Google's (and other similar sites) auto-redirect occurs only for an attempt to access the http version of their site. If you are having problems with directly accessing an https site, you should get other kinds of connection error messages that don't involve redirection.

    FWIW, in using Opera 12.18 on Win10-64 as did @sgunhouse, I also have no problem accessing any of the https sites he referenced. If I manually access an http version of the Google URL, Opera auto-redirects successfully to the https Google site. If I disable auto-redirect capability in Opera's internal settings, accessing http Google provides the typical Opera redirect page indicating that the desired URL material has moved, but the destination shown there that normally shows the next URL in the redirection chain instead shows only the originally sought http URL, so I cannot manually walk the rest of the chain... that is something I've not encountered before.

  • @Hirwaunman Do you yourself use a current version of Opera based on Chromium? Do the sites work for you then?

  • I use the latest version Chromium version of Opera on Windows 10 on my own machines with no problem.
    No new security software used on the Vista machine?

  • I think you'll find that the problem is with m.s. Vista and not Opera - now there's a surprise eh? Microsoft refuse to support anything previous to Win '95 - so, in turn, Opera can only run up to No12 as this is the last one that works with Vista. I know 'cause I just had to open and old lappy of my wife's as my workhorse Asus has been molested (by me - accidentally)and I needed to get on line for a fix of internet!

  • Vista is after XP and before 7, and Opera 36 will run on it. However, the person in question just prefers the old Opera.

  • I'm trying to wean her off her old laptop, I have a spare Windows 10 HP 4 core notebook laptop with 8 gig of ram and full HD graphics support. It would be relatively easy to make a new version of Opera look the same as her present laptop, I can even make the desktop look the same.....But my wife is a stubborn fixed in her ways type person!

  • No comment but I would like to know why Opera browser for my Vista operating system doesn't have the free vpn in the settings, I use it on my smart-phone but on Vista when I downloaded Opera it's not in the settings. I removed your program, goggled "Opera browser with Free VPN" for Windows Vista, loaded your browser and this time it is in the settings but not for free, there is a month fee associated with it. Norton scans all my download execute files so I killed that program and did another search, downloaded and this time the link I selected wouldn't launch I feel it was a good download files but I'm wondering what is going on? I switched to Opera a few months ago when Mozilla Firefox wasn't supporting up dates for use VISTA users, I thought I read you guys were. Us poor vista users are out in the cold even from Microsoft we can't upgrade to 10 easily without installing 7 then update to 10 unless we buy 10 and install...7 users got the update to 10 free! The Moderator Sgunhouse mentioned Opera 36 can anyone provide a link? Thx 🙂

  • No comment but I would like to know why Opera browser for my Vista operating system doesn't have the free vpn in the settings

    Totally unrelated to this topic but the answers is because VPN wasn't available in Opera 36.

  • @standsalone
    The latest (last?) version of Opera 36 for Windows Vista and XP is here.
    Use the setup file.

  • If I install the new version Opera 36 for Vista over the top of the older version 12, will it keep my speed dial present setup, or will it delete them? My wife does not want to lose her speed dials?

  • Speed dial should be copied over just fine, as should bookmarks and passwords. Newer Opera did not install "over the top" of 12.x, if you let it install normally she should be able to use either one.

  • I'll give it a try!