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[Solved]Keep signed in using Firefox?

  • Is Firefox (or any installed extensions for it) deleting or blocking the updating of cookies? With Vivaldi (another chromium-based browser), I'm having no problems staying logged-in unless I don't visit Opera's sites for a number of days and its cookies are thereby allowed to 'expire'.

  • Thanks guys, I don't knowingly have any Firefox extensions that affect the handling of cookies.
    I've just come back here now and I'm still logged in, but I bet I won't be if I come back tomorrow!
    I'll let you know.

  • You aren't emptying cookies are you?

    I'm still signed in from weeks ago, but obviously if recent sign-ins aren't working right I wouldn't know it.

  • I'm not knowingly deleting any cookies.
    Still logged in when I came back to read this, I'll see if I still am tomorrow!

  • I don't have Firefox installed on this (new) system, but I recall one of the Firefox settings or privacy options on my other systems was to clear cookies, etc upon exiting the browser. You might explore whether that's involved with your problem.

  • 'm still signed in from weeks ago, but obviously if recent sign-ins aren't working right I wouldn't know it.

    In Opera Developer I've been logged in since a while and until earlier today it hadn't changed. However all new logins with other browsers seem to be kept just while the browser are opened.

  • I just closed Firefox (I had been keeping it open) and opened it again, and I'm still logged in.

  • Do you use one of those "crap cleaners"? Some are set to run on boot and automatically delete cookies. If so, restarting the OS will log you out.

  • Dave, I bet it's the same irregular issue with Forums login.

    The only thing regular that I think there is is that you get logged out when you haven't used the browser for a while, with the forums that is.

    Think of it as quantum physics, don't worry too much*;)*

  • Thanks again guys.
    I just came back here today, and I'm still logged in!
    Maybe the problem, if indeed there was one, has resolved itself.

  • Well it now seems to be OK.
    I seem to be being logged in automatically every time I visit with Firefox now, so I guess it was a temporary glitch.

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