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  • When clicking the snap-to-gallery button, the window greys out and an animated instruction appears light on grey. (1) the instruction is annoying (superfluous and time-consuming) when one is used to the feature, (2) the crosshair cursor is invisible, or barely distinguishalbe from the background once it's turned grey. It is visible in the short moment before the window turns grey. PROBLEM: the snaps are not accurate since the position of the starting point (upper left corner) is guesswork. This makes uneven snaps when a series of snaps is created (need to crop them in photoshop), or useless snaps which must be redone until the starting point is correct.

    I am using Opera Neon 1.0.2531.0 on windows 10 Home 1607 on a Lenovo Yoga 3 screen.

    This is always the case, thus 100% reproducible, and is not related to any site or background color of any site. I have a memory that this was easier before the summer, but I did not test it extensively then, and probably not on this machine. It might be related to this machine. Its screen has an incredibly fine resolution. I noticed some other programs not relating their menus etc. to viewports and resolution, and hardcoding dimensions with the effect of miniature cursor arrows menus and dropdown lists etc. This might be the reason that the crosshair disappears.

    Ideally, (1) the instruction should be possible to switch off (if not disappear automatically after a few times), that would make the background not grey and the cursor visible; (2) the crosshair cursor should be customizable (if not automatically adapting to screen resolution).

    I have found no solution to this in the settings, nor in the help files, nor in this forum. I have searched for "crosshair", "cursor", "snap", "crop", "gallery".

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

  • Neon was a concept browser; it will never receive updates but some of its features will make it into the regular browser eventually.

  • Discussions on Neon should go here