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Identify / Mask as a different browser

  • You used to be able to right-click on a page and set an individual site's preferences including to identify as another browser or mask as another browser. I can no longer find this functionality and am trying to deal with a site that keeps throwing me to an "upgrade your browser" page.

    Would you please let me know where this functionality now lives or if you know it has been eliminated?

    Thank You!

  • It can be done via an extension; it is not a built-in feature now.

  • I am with Sgun on this one. You will probably going to need to use some form of addon to accomplish your needs. Not sure if it ever was a feature? Kind of curious now since I never had a chance to use it....

  • Not sure if it ever was a feature?

    Opera Presto had a feature to mask as IE or Mozilla so you could bypass sites' browser sniffing.

  • Thank you all for trying! I have been using Opera since the 90s and I know this was a feature then, though I think you had to turn it on and off globally through a right-click, later it was saved in site preferences, and later still you had to go into site preferences via the right click to find it.

    I suppose it was decided that this was no longer needed since there are so many browser options now that it is uncommon for a site to demand specific browsers; Back in the day it was common for web sites to demand IE or Safari even though Opera worked just fine on them...


  • Actually, it was decided that since Opera is basically the same as Chrome you shouldn't need to change your user agent. However...