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  • Hi all,

    Just a quick question. The problem may be more widespread than just Ebay. lol

    When I am at the "following" page and looking at the newly listed items, I used to be able to click on it and bring up a new window or popup. Instead of a popup it takes me to the actual page of the item, no popup at all. So this morning I made the effort to look in the Opera address bar and for a split second I saw that the popup was blocked. It does not let me or give me any time to say do NOT block.

    I have checked all of the settings and regardless of speed I like to know have ALL popups enabled on any page. I don't understand why internal popups for sites like Ebay are even blocked at all? Anyway, I checked all the do NOT allow popups and things in settings and they are ALL unchecked. Am I missing something?

    This boloney of trying to outdo other browsers by crippling websites to make it faster (mostly in the age of broadband) is stoopid. lol It basically is the Opera folks telling us what we get and don't get. I would rather OPT OUT later rather than people telling me what I can see and can't. lol

    Anyone have an answer? I would appreciate it.



  • Most popups are ads, that's why. Opera blocks all popups that don't involve you clicking something unless you change it in Settings > Browser > Pop-ups.

  • Hi,

    There is no option for popups that I can see in Settings > Browser ? Pop-ups. When I looked, no several times, nothing is checked that pertains to Opera restricting anything. I am confused. lol


  • There is no option for popups that I can see in Settings > Browser ? Pop-ups.

    So you don't see the 'pop-ups' section?

    There you should be able to add sites to the exception list so pop-ups on them will be allowed.

  • No such animal here in version 46.0.2597.57 (PGO) - Opera is up to date Update stream: Stable System: Windows 10 64-bit

    I can't find any reference to pop-ups anywhere in Settings. Strange? lol I have no clue.


  • Okay. I found the pop-up control in Settings > Websites > Pop-ups . I am old and guess I missed it..several times. lol

    Here's the deal. It was set to allow ALL pop-ups on any site. This is not true as it blocks some while not others.
    I tried to get the feed to work on Ebay. It keeps blocking it.

    What I did was set it to block ALL on any site and entered Ebay and the Ebay feed url's in the exception. Restarted Opera with no change, it still blocks Ebay/feed. I then cleared the exception and checked the do NOT block pop-ups and restarted Opera. Still no change, Ebay/feed still gets blocked when I click something in the feed when it is supposed to pop-up about the item. Instead it says (a second or two) in the address bar blocked and goes to the actual page of the item. Extremely unhandy when perusing the items on the feed. That's all I know and have tried what I did with no good result.

    I have been playing with computer since 1984 and it's a simple check/uncheck the box but something else must be wrong?


  • That would probably be the ad blocker then. Many sites have click counters which then redirect you to the page you wanted to go to, and the ad blocker will block click counters and other trackers. Common with Google Search results also.

  • I think spammers have come up with new ways to show pop ups... At least it seems so on some sites.
    Maybe Opera isn't yet quite up to the par yet.

  • Thanks for the responses but... I want the pop-up. I am on Ebay. If you haven't been.. My Ebay homepage has from the menu bar (the second from the left) a link to Following. I go to Following and the page comes up fine. I have saved searches and Sellers which show up in the Following page. Exhaustive entries showing what the searches and new items Sellers have put up for sale. The way it works is that I can hover over a picture and it will bring up a terribly brief what it sells for and what it is. I used to be able to click it and what appears to be an internal pop-up would appear ON the PAGE. It would have the option to click "more info" or put it on your watch list, add to cart etc. IF I decided to actually check out the actual page I would click on it and it would open a new window. I could then X out the pop-up and be right back on the Following page, meanwhile the other page would take me to the item.

    You say so what's the problem? The problem is. If you want to check out a lot of items on the Following page and the pop-up is being blocked and you keep visiting each Following page entry, it is a HUGE time waster. With the pop-up gone or being blocked it makes it very unhandy to keep check each entry/item INDIVIDUALLY at it's own page. Also, when you first go to the Following page you may see several items you are interested in. If the pop-up is blocked and you go to the actual page of the item and GO BACK to the Following page Ebay shuffles them and you "might" find "some" of the things you were interested in.

    Now, the quick fix is bringing up the context menu for EACH item and opening a new window, which is a quick fix or solution. What I am trying to find out is WHY the pop-up is being blocked in the first place? I am on Ebay and it is an INTERNAL Ebay pop-up, it is not a pop-up from another site.

    That is my problem. lol I don't know why it's blocking the Ebay/feeds pop-up.


  • And did you try disabling the ad-blocker on Ebay?

    In-page "pop-ups" are not what the pop-up blocker covers, it has only ever covered unwanted new tabs or windows.

  • Can't you open the pop-up using clicking on the pop-up blocked icon in the addresses field?