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Turning VPN on makes Opera to slow down

  • No reply? i think opera management not ready to provide free VPN services to customers?

  • With the VPN enabled opera becomes very slow, Page scrolling down and Youtube videos even closing tabs and even opening new tabs everything slow but with VPN disabled everything is working fine. Why?

    Hi pkshivaram, I have zero problems using VPN, though to the best of my knowledge using a VPN does slow the system a little, but by how much I guess depends on your system. It shouldn't be all that noticeable. That said, I have to go to a few sites where VPN is not acceptable, so need to switch it off (next to padlock). But always switch it back on before closing the browser (I had that advice on here some time ago).

    I do feel we should be grateful to Opera for the free VPN, as this may attract costs which have to be covered in some way. If the trade-off means a few micro-seconds slower, then I'll opt for VPN every time.

    Please be aware, I am just another Opera user and am nothing to do with Opera the company. Hope this assists you.

  • This is common with all VPN services as you are not going through the optimal server in you country. But rather quite some distance depending on your selection. If you don't already, select optimal on your virtual location. That may improve it.

  • No reply?

    Have you ever heard about weekend? 🙂 Also, remember that this is an users' forum above all.

    BTW, do not reply to a topic just to 'bump' it in less than 2 working days from the last reply.

  • Oh come on it is opera week end, good.

    Hello operafanuk,I knew it a Free service from opera about VPN, really appreciating that.
    But without problem i am not posting any issue here. may be the VPN is working perfect with you.
    This i the different problem from loading pages, i knew with the VPN loading time will be little higher.
    But i am facing slowness issue in operating opera as i mentioned above. And i have latest Hardware core i5 7th generation processor with SSD, 16GB RAM. i think it is not the Hardware related, because this slowness is not happening by disabling the VPN.

  • Still no resolution from opera, same issue persist. Turning the VPN OFF only makes opera to work normally. How and when this gonna get resolve by opera?

  • How and when this gonna get resolve by opera?

    It may depends if the issue was already reported and on how complex it is.

    BTW, I'm not facing such issue here.

  • I get very rapid speed from the VPN.

  • Define "rapid". If your VPN provider is a legitimate well known one, you can try contacting their support, asking if they have any limitations on certain browsers. I am not sure how Opera works alongside a VPN, some certificate or legitimacy confirmations? Which websites are you trying to access? It could be more of a website issue then Opera itself. There a lot of things that can go wrong with VPN compatibility.

  • I get very rapid speed from the VPN.

    The point of this topic is not about traffic speed while using the VPN but about Opera itself becoming slow with VPN turned on.

  • If your VPN provider is a legitimate

    The topic is about Opera's built-in VPN.

  • Yes this is topic related to inbuilt VPN, for past one week i have using opera with VPN OFF. i had no issue. To login to Banking website i need VPN issue should get resolve as soon as possible. Please opera at least contact me regarding this issue looks very odd to me.

  • The problem was reported?

  • How to report the problem directly to opera? please help me.

  • To report an issue in Opera for desktops :